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Rupture thrown

rupture thrown

It is normal for couples to have arguments, disagreements that occur because they are two different personalities living together and sharing. Emotions, beliefs, etc., are two worlds that try to complement each other. When these types of discussions appear and the two people distance themselves, it is normal to start worrying about the future of the relationship; and some people use the break spread in tarot.

There are couples who get used to being in a circle where discussions are the order of the day, and they get used to ending and coming back, and this happens when the fear that everything is over produces a reaction of anxiety and fear. What is recommended and the healthiest thing for both people is not to live that way and break the loop of which they are already a part.

Many times you do not know if the end has come, you are not able to see it and this is one of the reasons why you get hooked on a relationship, which could have no future or be stagnant. The rupture roll will help you see things that you are not able to visualize and will give you an answer to that question that you cannot answer.

Love breakups

In a normal relationship, discussions are usually resolved within a few days, the couple is always capable of seeing a quick solution. There are couples that due to pride or other circumstances, the time to resolve it to be greater or less.

When there has been a large load of stress and misunderstandings in the final stage, normally a separation is taken to begin to think and blur the relationship from day 0, and one begins to think about the pros and the cons that the relationship has had.

After that time and having healed, it can take from 3 minutes to 6 months for there to be a rapprochement and in the end in an imminent reconciliation. After that time it is better that you consider that it has become a definitive break.

Breaking spreads in the tarot

The tarot, as an ancestral and wisdom instrument, will help you to dispel all that doubt you have about the break you are going through. It can show you things in your life as a couple that you are not able to see, guide you on how you should act, or things that you should change if you want to continue moving forward with your partner or, on the contrary, perhaps it is better to let go.

Yes or no tarot

If you want to know very precisely if it is a definitive breakup, you just have to ask to get a yes or no.
For example, you could ask: will I reconcile with my partner? Will I be back with my partner soon? , a closed question for a closed answer. You must be careful with this spread and know how to interpret each of the cards according to their meaning. You must stick as much as possible to the indications and the value of each of the cards.

Pyramid throw

Pyramid throw

This break roll can give you a lot of information. Obviously he is going to explain something else and he is not going to limit himself to telling you whether or not there has been reconciliation, but for this to have a correct reading you must perfectly handle the meaning of each of the cards.

In this spread it is advisable not to ask directly about the couple, but ask about you and your partner since this way you can have two different points of view, they will be able to understand both parties in the relationship. If you ask about the couple directly, you may make the mistake of not knowing how to differentiate who feels or who thinks.

The first row will reveal the situations that concern you and your partner. Because it is a breakup, it is possible that several cards appear to you: lovers who reflect doubts; the devil who shows omen of discussions; the hanged man who is the card that marks the end; and finally the sun that are the tears. Whatever card is drawn, remember that this only reflects what they are concerned about, not just the actual situation.

The second row reveals the pros and cons, here it could indicate if there is a possible infidelity or third parties that negatively influence the relationship, if not here I could talk to you about the bad things that are undermining the relationship, if there are secrets, grudges, hidden feelings.

In the third row you can see the advice they give you to get what you want. If the first card of the third row is a court card, pay close attention to whether or not there is reconciliation in the fourth row. If the answer is negative, the third row will help you better understand what happened and the lessons that you must learn.

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