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How to control anger?

How to control anger

Surely you have found yourself in a situation that has caused you a lot of anger , a lot The general causes uncomfortable situations and generates a tense environment between you or other people, but how to control anger?

anger is an emotion that generates a heart rate increase , blood pressure , which is usually also externalized causing sweating , redness and in some cases tremors and increased breathing .

anger is a feeling that is produced by external and also internal events. For example, being angry with a specific person, for any situation or also, anger appears when you worry about personal problems , or when something does not get right , memories or Traumatic situations.

How do you express anger?

The most natural way in which you express anger is with the instinctive response of aggressiveness , which is a natural and adaptive response that arises when you feel some threat. You feel that an aggressive behavior is seized that allows you to defend yourself, and that in the end it is necessary for survival.

This does not mean that you have to attack each person in a physical form, social laws and common sense imposes limits, so each person must develop conscious processes or unconscious to deal with anger.

It is essential that to maintain these behaviors you learn to clarify what are the needs and how to solve them without hurting other people, including yourself. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive or demanding, it means being respectful towards oneself and others.

how to control the anger

I can't control my anger

If something that is happening in unfair way and you would not react will be accumulating anger and anger; So sooner or later all that load will end up exploding , being able to produce episodes of violence see and/or physical. . Therefore, it is important to face problems with assertiveness and control, so as not to let the anger of anger grow at times.

Avoid thinking about being a loser or a winner

Think that have not reached the goal or have not achieved any objective brings as a reaction a feeling of sudden anger. In these cases, the empathy is the distinctive feature between those who know how to manage frustration , control anger and accept junkenness with sportsmanship. We must avoid raising interpersonal relationships as a game in which it is won or lost.

Think about the causes and consequences

Think about it and analyze whether your emotional reaction is really justified can help you. Many times you are not able to be the reason for an anger attack, for example when you conduct a car and react instantly insulting or gestures to other drivers when they do something incorrect.

At that time it would be vital to meditate on the why did you reacted in this way : Have you thought about the possible consequences of having an episode of anger while you are driving? Seen so maybe these situations are taken in another way.

 How to control anger and aggressiveness

Take a complete rest

Take a complete break If you are agitated physics and mentally it is possible that your anger impulses and aggressive episodes are more frequent and have less ways to manage it. For this reason it is to rest and sleep the necessary hours : both in the quantitative plane (sleep at least 8 hours) and the qualitative one (rest well).

In addition, there are several moments of the day you are more vulnerable to explode from anger, and that varies from one person to another. These episodes of anger are controlled when you are more rested, because you can better analyze situations.

Relaxation, meditation, self control

The relaxation is the best way to prevent anger attacks . There are different ways to relax: practice sports, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, take a hot water bath, or any method that goes through the mind and lead us to a state of positivity.

In fact, at the concrete moments in which we detect that we can have a reaction of anger, it is a good idea to try breathe deeply and slowly for at least twenty seconds: this will make your body your body It is detoxhmored with the negativity and irascibility you feel.

Avoid toxic people and situations

Avoid wrapping yourself in situations where you could increase anger or drag you into a negative state, so it is important to avoid people who know that they could irritate you with their toxic behavior. As far as possible, you have to try to avoid the contexts in which you know you can explode.

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