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Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries

Within the world of astrology, each of the planets in the solar system has great significance, and within each sign it is capable of generating a certain influence, it has positive and negative effects, which can define the personality and characteristics of people.

When speaking of Saturn, reference is made to melancholy and nostalgia, it is the planet that is related to responsibility, concentration and, above all, constancy. It is also associated with self-criticism, justice, and the whole process of maturity that can transform a person.

It is related to the Greek god of time, so it is a reflection of the structure and discipline that is needed to build an integrated life. Therefore when you talk about Saturn, you immediately talk about the entire process of maturity and growth that people go through.

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  1. People with Saturn in Aries

People with Saturn in Aries

When we talk about Saturn in Aries, we are talking about an ambitious person with a great desire to always want more and more, and this probably leads them to assume great responsibilities when they are very young and inexperienced, and this creates obstacles that block progress towards fulfilling their goals.

It is difficult for them to deal with the anxiety that having to fight to assert each of their rights can generate, although this can often end in episodes of anger, which could complicate the problem.

They suffer from a lack of confidence, but this does not prevent them from assuming great burdens that entail great responsibility in their lives. Many times they are perceived as cold people. They are not risk-takers so this can make them appear weak, although some cases may overcompensate for that by taking risks that seem reckless.

When a person is a native of Saturn in Aries, they are usually cautious, which could cause them to lose some opportunities for fear of taking risks, they know very well how to choose their battles, and choose the necessary ones and face them with great courage. They may be perceived as shy or withdrawn.

They don't get along very well with failure, they feel a certain fear of it and of the rejection that this could generate. The frustration they may feel may generate certain internal conflicts that may be difficult to deal with and understand themselves.

They are very focused people with a great capacity to reason. They always tend to be suspicious of the people who are above their jobs and sometimes they can impose themselves, especially when it comes to imposing their ideas as to what is good and what is not for them, since they have an innate need to always be in control.

They need to develop certain self-sufficiency skills to be able to achieve success in everything they set out to do. Social relationships are difficult for them, so it is recommended that they manage to develop certain qualities in their social personality, and thus help them overcome feelings of doubt or fear, and thus face life's challenges with great confidence.

Always focused on himself, they are pending to meet their goals and develop their security, which can sometimes neglect the needs and aspirations of the other people around them.

Physical exercise is important for Saturn in Aries as this will help them avoid circulatory problems. They can be prone to congestion that can cause headaches due to restricted flow. It is recommended that they drink enough water to keep their kidneys clean and functional.