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Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus, according to astrology, is the planet that symbolizes that relentless search for harmony and they do this through relationships, love or the arts. When Venus stays in a sign, it is related to desire, tastes. What attracts you and all the relationships and bonds that are formed with other people.

When Aries has Venus rising, it speaks of a person who throws himself into relationships regardless of the blows they may receive, the injuries they inflict or the high cost they have for their emotional peace of mind, they are the bravest in matters of love. It is this willingness to go all-out in love that makes them feel alive and keeps them extremely strong and fast.

A person with a Venus in Cancer moon sign is considered a born flirt, with no subtlety to disguise it.

People with Venus in Aries

They are the most flirtatious and passionate people that can exist, they feel a powerful attraction to flirting and romance, they do not get along with vague or shy relationships, but on the contrary, they will always opt for the passionate. They are very active and energetic people, so if you want to get their attention you must always be one step ahead of them, and keep it fresh and renewed, so that they always feel active. They will always choose that person who is honest with them and open.

They are playful, they like to play and if it goes hand in hand with fun, they will be fascinated. They are extremely spontaneous people, they are not so serious, they prefer to be more fun. They are natural leaders and are followed, at least most of the time, and they love that.

They have a great fondness for competitions, so they don't look favorably on losing, in any sense, much less when they want to win the affection of someone in particular. If they feel defeated, their mood may change and they become quite irritating. If they feel hurt, it won't take long for them to defend themselves.

They are impulsive people but an impulse that attracts any type of person and this can make them quickly get bored of one in particular, since they feel that they can have a lot of variety.

Very affectionate and protective so if you get together with a shy soul this can be a bit overwhelming and try to overwhelm your partner. They will always want to cause a little tension within their relationship as this will keep them excited, this is key for you to create that atmosphere and thus always keep their attention on you.

Their leadership goes into all aspects of their life, in friendship relationships and their social circle, they like to be the alpha, and that is fine for what surrounds them since they are self-confident, exciting people but above all very kind-hearted, in addition to being honest and direct, you can be sure that they will not try to deceive you.

They reject the feeling of self-pity and insecurity, that's because of their very confident personality. They will always be admired for their independence, the confidence they transmit and that authentic energy. They don't spend their lives saying what they want to do, they just go and do it and that desire to live makes them more attractive.

The man with Venus in Aries

This native man will always feel attracted to a woman with few impulses, who is more serene and thus counteracts his overwhelming spirit. They are stubborn and very independent men and this makes them admirers of strength and courage, so a bold and spontaneous woman can steal her heart.

Men with Venus in Aries are competitive souls, so it is not uncommon for them to be fans of sports or any other activity that requires their qualities to be successful. Normally they tend to confuse sex with love, it is the same for it, perhaps this is the reason for some of their failures.

The woman with Venus in Aries

A woman native to Aries with Venus is sure of what she wants and by her side she needs a man who knows how to take care of himself perfectly, she does not want a man who is taken care of by her, she wants a hero who protects her. Her relationship is perfect when she gets a man she can fight with and later reconcile with great sex. A man who knows what she wants is what she needs in her life.