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Scorpio and his personality

scorpio and his personality

Sensitivity is the main strength of people who belong to the sign of Scorpio, although many times it is difficult for them to accept it, this particularity is due to the fact that they are people who tend to hide their own emotions because they do not know how to handle their intensity and depth.

Although they seem to be very spiteful people due to their strong character and toughness, when they manage to find and give that forgiveness to the people who have hurt them, they become incredible healers and people.

When a person of this sign feels hurt, they usually feel enormous and deep pain and often want to resort to revenge as a way to relieve her grief. Hate and anger can take over them and be a bad advisor, destructive emotions. The challenge for every Scorpio is to know how to accept and normalize these emotions in order to be able to free oneself and move towards the future, instead of remaining clinging to the past.

Relationships in Scorpio

These people born under this sign have the particularity of being loyal and dedicated in their relationships, especially in the ones they really feel they have hit the mark, this will lead them to become protectors and incredibly close, respecting each other's freedom. Their quality of being intense leads them to defend their ideals and their thoughts, very rarely settling for less than what they think it is.

They are people who feel betrayal up close, live it and analyze it, more than any other sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio and his partner

If they are not careful, in relationships, Scorpio people are capable of crossing the fritters of individuality due to their protective and overwhelming personality. That is why it is important, when it comes to building relationships, that your focus and determination do not overwhelm the other person. The Scorpio can develop an obsessive personality and end up driving away the people they love.

Scorpio and children

The parents of the scorpio sign are usually flooded by the feeling of paternal love and superimpose blood ties above all else. Their main challenge as a parent is to deal with the fear of feeling abandoned because it is difficult for them to give space when their children make decisions. They must accept that the children are destined to fly out of the nest, and this is no reason to feel alone or abandoned.

Scorpio and parents

Children ruled by this sign are usually very quiet and reserved, in some cases they can be quite the opposite and become aggressive if their family environment is not loving, tender and harmonious enough. When they begin to experience their first emotions, they begin to develop their intensity and may feel a bit misunderstood by their parents and even by other children. They are little ones who are satisfied with little things, in terms of their physical needs. However, they could experience emotional challenges that lead them to put themselves in danger because they do not have a clear picture of the consequences.

Scorpio sexuality

Scorpio is known as one of the most passionate signs, it is the master of the deepest emotions, with a sexuality based on primitive instincts. They are known for their immense energy, making it difficult for them to control. When they fall in love they can become really possessive people, but not because they are insecure people, but because they want to be united with the other person and want to get as close as possible.

A Scorpio is usually an incredible lover, their interest in sexuality is particular and intense, like their personality, and from an early age they are predisposed to sex. They are people who take romantic relationships very seriously, they are not with another person in which they are not projected in the future.

Scorpio and work

They are determined, focused, highly professional people with many resources to be noticed. In general, they stand out in their jobs, if they are truly motivating to bring out their talents. If they are in jobs that are not able to bring out their creative side, they will generally feel frustrated, depressed and in some cases they could get sick. The best decision is to follow your paths is to get jobs that profile with your personality.

A Scorpio should always stay away from debts and dubious activities, as karma will not wait to come back and take advantage of the guilt that is very well hidden. In order to shine, they need a clean opportunity, a job that always motivates them to give more of themselves, keeps them curious, excited and safe.

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