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Virgo personality

virgo personality

One of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac are those belonging to the sign of Virgo, they are very practical and intelligent when it comes to coping with daily affairs. They tend to be very analytical in the face of any situation, their mind being their main strength.

They are completely upright people in their way of acting, they are usually very clean and careful, so anything that is stained, broken or damaged will make it work again, sometimes their skills go much further and are capable of repairing hearts, ego souls and broken bodies.

As all the signs usually have weaknesses, for the Virgo it is that they tend to hide their emotional side, they tend to rely on the mind to get all the answers they need, and this may turn them into highly damaging people.

They must be aware that they need to accept their fragility and sensitivity and focus on matters of the heart. They tend to underestimate their value, which is why they are prone to speak ill of themselves as if nothing they do is right and without finding something that satisfies them.

Virgo relationships

Virgo is one of the least reliable and conscientious earth signs, they focus too much on their professional life, so it is normal for them to forget to call or let them know that they have changed plans at the last second. Their sense of responsibility and their desire to become a better person will propel them forward. They are people who will not trust again once the bond or link with a person has been broken.

They will always look for people very similar to them to socialize with, they will always choose the person who is open-minded and emotionally stable. They are rigid so it is difficult for them to accept those people who do not share their same opinion. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones feel good and emotionally calm.

Virgo and his partner

They tend to be very attached to their partner once they establish a relationship, so they worry to the extreme about the satisfaction of the other, the most dependent signs will flee from this situation. Their necessary control is based on the fear of losing the person they love. In general, a Virgo is always attentive and is usually reasonable, so choosing an ideal partner must be based on many different criteria, some of which are not even linked to emotions.

Virgo and children

Virgo parents will always act very intelligently, so sometimes it will seem that they do not feel any kind of affection for their children, only their children will know how much love there is behind the actions of their parents.

Although they care deeply, but they handle it through reason and rationality, so they will rarely lose their temper. They need to understand that emotions are shared as a family and avoid carrying everything on their shoulders. Virgos love discipline and order, which is great because this allows them to establish order and make things work the way they should.

Virgo and parents

Virgo children are usually more sensitive than they usually appear, their curiosity is usually described as detached, so they need their parents to be able to recognize their emotions and teach them how to handle each one of them and express them in a socially acceptable way. . They are obedient and modest children and will have good habits, demonstrating responsibility to respond to the activities assigned to them. In general, they need recognition for their work so as not to lose the value of what they have done.

Virgo sexuality

Within relationships, Virgos are intolerant of dishonesty, if there are no idealistic thoughts and trust is absolute, nothing will make sense to them. Belonging to the earth element makes them stable in some way, so when they become aware of the emotional and rational benefits of the relationship, they will remain with faith and offer their full support. They are people who usually have trouble connecting and finding a partner, once they do they become sweeter and more vulnerable than they first appeared.

Virgo at work

They tend to be very hard-working people, with the natural ability to identify problems and solve them at the root. They are perfect for career programmers, senators, and analysts. Many times it is difficult for them to understand their own value or they do not feel motivated to go for more. If they find the ideal job and in which they feel very happy, they may reach the highest ranks and be able to communicate with anyone.

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