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Who is my soul mate tarot?

who is my soul mate tarot

It often happens that the person with whom you have decided to share your heart does it to us in the same way, you begin to notice that the feelings are not the same and that you You were wrong to open your heart. And this happens because you wonder who my tarot soul mate is.

The tarot can help you discover and meet your soul mate, and thus give your heart to the right person. With a roll you will be able to know if the person you are with is indeed your other half or if you should keep looking.

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who is my soul mate

Who is my soul mate Tarot?

The spread of the tarot to find out who your soul mate is turns out to be very explanatory for people who are also already formed and who are in crisis, because it will tell them if they are the ideal person And if so, what is the solution to all their problems, and help them grow as a person and as a couple.

Tarot your soulmate

One of the most consulted spreads is that of soul mates, for which 6 cards should be used, representing the union of souls born to find each other. The key for the spread to work is to interpret its messages very well, to understand what it means to us, what we are looking for and what we have and what we need to be with that person.

If you are with someone, the tarot can also clarify if they are the ideal person or if you should continue searching. Many times people let themselves be carried away by the external, without knowing the depth and that is why with the passing of time they remain empty, as if they lacked something else, and this is because they are not the person who complements you in all senses.

This tarot spread also helps couples who are in crisis to consult each other, since this spread sheds a lot of light on the relationship and can help them get out of the circumstances in which they are.

how to do the soulmate tarot spread

How do you do the tarot reading for soulmates?

The first thing you should do when making the consultation is to focus, think and concentrate on the person What do you want to consult? If you don't have a partner, you just have to think and focus on that desire for love that you want to fulfill.

This strip is made with the 22 major arcana of the tarot deck, which are characterized by containing the heart of the deck and for this reason they are the ones indicated in this type of query. Mix the decks of cards, always remember with the maximum concentration of what you want.

The second thing to do is to put the cards of the major arcana on the table, upside down, spreading them out to give it the shape of a fan of cards. Choose the first card and put it as the base of a pyramid that is formed with the other five cards. It starts from bottom to top and from left to right. The order is as follows: three at the bottom, two in the middle, and one at the top.

 tarot your soulmate
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The communication

The first card you turn over will tell you if the communication your partner has with you is true or if, on the contrary, you should be alert to their loyalty, for this it will give you certain data of interest such as the quality of the communication they are having. If you are searching here, it will tell you the best way to make yourself understood, to be understood, at the same time that it tells you the best way to search.

The couple

The second thing you will learn from this arcane is distinguish which is the ideal person, what kind of person is the one you should focus on so that you attract them to you. If you are already in a couple, these tips will help you to deal with the problem in the correct way, what are the failures and needs that you are having, in order to solve them.


This letter will give you the key to the state of feeling of that person towards you. It can also clarify if you have doubts about your feelings towards the person. If you are looking for a partner, it will guide you towards the type of love you should look for and not be fooled at first sight.


The major arcana in this card will warn you if it is better to have a friendly relationship with that person, or more than a relationship, showing you the pros and cons. If you are searching here, you will recognize the true state of friendship and the sincerity of that person you want to attract into your life.

The sex

Here you will understand, if you are in a relationship, what your erotic inclinations are and what attitude to take about it, what fantasies you can fulfill that the other person expects of you. If you are searching, know what attitude to take towards the sexual desires of the other person.

The present

The top of the pyramid is the most important because it tells you about what you are currently going through. It will advise you what to do at the right moment in the face of the problems you are going through with your partner, what to expect, what to look for. And if you are looking for love, what attitude should you take in the days to come.

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