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Tarot Cards

tarot cards

The tarot cards is one of the oldest revelation arts in the world, it has served and continues to serve as a source of ancestral knowledge, which goes far beyond what any person can perceive.

The tarot cards are as precise as possible and are made up of 78 complete deck cards, since they condense all the wisdom and universal magnetism of the entire deck applied to cartomancy.

The meaning of the tarot cards is resigned by the way each person sees them, but there is knowledge that is unalterable and that is the same no matter where in the world a person is, since the interpretation is subjective to the circumstances by which is traversed. Each card in the different tarot decks has a meaning and symbology that distinguishes them from the others.

Usually when the online tarot is consulted, the predictions of the major arcana are summoned, since they reveal the most accurate and complete predictions.

The Letters from Marseille

It is known as the original tarot as the main one that made the difference. Its graphics are mainly based on the middle ages influenced by hieroglyphs from ancient Egyptian images.

Their images are not causal and their meaning is totally mythological, it is believed that they were drawn under the influence of the same stars and other mythological energies. It is one of the main tools to start in the world of cartomancy, due to the real and mythological nature of its letters and interpretation.

Major Arcana

It is made up of 22 cards and is considered one of the most important, in fact one of the most used in online tarot. Its importance lies in the fact that these reveal the foundations and pillars of the life of whoever consults the cards. If symbology is highly symbolic based on different spectrums of mythology and religions, it could be said that they are fully known archetypes.

The major arcana are the key to human life; life and death, circumstantial dilemmas, spiritual problems, interaction with other people, family development, future. It is a spiritual chart that can guide you as you chart your path and the route to your future.

tarot cards

Minor Arcana

There are 56 cards, the decks that make up the Minor Arcana, which represent the ancestors of contemporary cards and are equally divided into four suits.

Wands correspond to clubs, cups to hearts, swords /strong> to spades, and coins (gold) to diamonds. In each suit there are ten numbered cards (from Ace to 10), and four face cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King).

The Minor Arcana, in tarot cards, often deal with the mundane and superficial and how the querent reacts to them. However, when doing a reading, the differences between the Major and Minor arcana are often clouded as the cards interact with each other and show a perfect picture of the seeker's life and influences.

Tarot cards are a world of spiritual information that are interpreted circumstantially and according to what you need to know at certain moments in your life. His influence transcends the plane of the natural and he is sometimes able to see aspects of you that even you yourself could never understand. If you make a yes or no roll, think carefully about your question and focus all your energy on it. And if you are in love with a person for whom you are not reciprocated, use the love tarot spread to find out if that person feels the same way about you, or not.

Contacting a psychic or tarot reader is a way of knowing your future through tarot cards; but it is a more expensive method, since you will have to pay for it; while on websites like ours you have different spins totally free.

In certain circumstances, take into account the past and the present to make the correct card spread and propose situations that are realistically achievable, but as ambitious as possible.

Understanding what each part of the tarot represents, you are ready to consult and know how to use all the information that the tarot cards have for you.

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