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The 7 greatest errors in Tarot's cards

The 7 greatest errors in Tarot's cards

There are many people including myself who have made a series of mistakes when reading tarot cards. All the runs have some minimum requirements in common so that the run is as successful as possible.

It is time to change your attitude to make a correct throw of cards and stop wasting time and money.

emotional state

1. Emotional state

This is the most important point and it is that you cannot make a spread of cards, if you are in a delicate emotional moment. For example, you have just argued with your partner since you will have anger inside and you will not ask the right questions, wandering a bit in your thoughts towards everything negative. Or if, for example, you have had a fight with your boss for some reason; emotional states are one of the most difficult things to control since they act directly on our feelings and are beyond our control. Other negative states of mind can be: discussion with a family member or friend; that you owe a large amount of money; or have some disease, etc.

That is why it is ideal when you make the spread of the cards that are in a calm emotional moment that you do not have accumulated anger, sadness, etc.

phyisical state

2. Physical state

Although it may seem silly if we are tired from work, or have a sprained ankle, etc.; pain-fatigue is a state which will be in our thoughts most of the time; this does not help at all to perform a correct card spread. Therefore, try to be physically in optimal conditions to be able to concentrate on your card spread.

closed thought

3. Closed thought

When we read tarot cards we must have an open mind; Believing 100% what the cards tell us is a big mistake. You have to know how to interpret words logically while we adapt them to the situation with which we are concerned. Another thing is that you use the tarot spread yes or no with long closed questions; those are different cases because they are exactly a concise and direct answer. As we said, you have to know how to interpret what the tarot wants to tell us for your subsequent decision-making .

make the roll reitared times

4. Make the roll reiterated times

Your approach and beliefs in tarot are down; since you need to throw the cards over and over again waiting for something good to come out for the situation in which you find yourself. You are so blind to yourself that you force yourself into a situation that is not real for you. Sometimes the problem is the other way around; you throw the cards and something very good comes out for you in your present and you don't believe it, so you do another throw, and another...

Not using the correct card spread

5. Not using the correct card spread

For example, if you have a question like: will I have a job next year?; you know the answer will be yes or no; so you must perform the tarot reading yes or no. On the other hand, if you have love problems, the most logical thing to do is to go for the love tarot reading. Or do a reading of the moon garden tarot and your intention is to know if you are going on a long-term trip; each card spread has a target audience so to speak; the better you choose the type of card spread, the results will be more real and in line with what you are looking for.

Ask very generic questions

6. Ask very generic questions

Depending on the type of tarot card reading, you have to see what questions to ask. But there is a common rule for all of them and that is that you have to make the questions as specific as possible: for example, this would be a wrong question: will I be going on a trip soon?; a more correct question would be: will I go on a trip to Singapore in September 2020?; As you will see, the answer will be much more convincing if you ask a more generic question. Making it as concise as possible also helps to convince yourself that the outcome of the card spread will be as real as possible.

Good cards or bad cards

7. Good cards or bad cards

Many times when we go to read the Tarot cards we have an internal fear of knowing if we will get good or bad cards. Nothing far from reality, there are no good or bad cards; what the cards symbolize without situations in our life so that we can improve and mature and evolve. There is no right or wrong answer. Life puts us situations, they adapt so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to face yourself and do something to be able to take a step further. We have the example of the "Death" card where people associate it with someone's death; but it is not like that, this card represents that something is ending.