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The 7 chakras

los 7 chakras

You have heard, at school or in some science program, that all bodies have energy and that each element of the earth is also owned by a small part of energy. The human body is also the owner of that energy that is capable of receiving, containing and releasing it . This energy is in point specific or energy centers that are known as the 7 chakras.

The 7 chakras of the body

The spine is the central axis of the human body, which is why it is the Energy Center , it is the main route where it flows. Also in it are specific points in what is concentrated, passive lagoons that are called chakras.

The word chakra means circle or energy disk and are usually identified with a lotus flower . These energies are located along the spine, from the crown to the coxis and are represented by 7 colors, and each of them is related to different spiritual aspects.



The first chakra is the muladharah, identifies with the red and a lotus flower of 4 petals . It is considered the basis of everything since it is just below the perineum, genital zone. This chakra is linked to the survival , the security and the instinct . Your connection is direct with the Earth and Ganesha .

It is physically related to the lower digestive system, spine and adrenal glands. The mantra to open this chakra is "Lam" . You can stimulate this energy point doing physical exercise and having restful dreams. Red drinks and foods, red gems, red clothes and bathrooms in red waters, etc.



of orange This chakra is represented by a lotus flower of 6 petals . It is located below the navel and linked directly with the emotion and the sexual energy and the creativity . Physically it is closely linked to the urinary system, gonads, arm, ovaries, prostate and testicle. Its element is the water and is related to Brhma . The mantra for this chakra is "vam" .

You can stimulate it through hot aromatic baths, aquatic aerobics and massages. Stimulate your sensations, such as different types of meals. Use orange gems and orange clothes.



is located in the solar plexus and is represented with a lotus flower of 10 petals of yellow color . Its element is the fire and is governed by the energies of visnú or vishnú . It is related to the mind , the control , the own freedom and the power .

It is physically connected to the upper digestive, pancreas and gallbladder system. Your mantra for awakening is "RAM" . To stimulate this point of energy it is advisable to read educational books, mental games and puzzles. Salt on walks to take light from the sun, detoxification programs, meals and yellow drinks, clothes.



is the chakra that is just in the chest, next to the heart and lungs. It is represented by the green and a lotus flower 12 petals . It connects to the God shiva and is related to the love , the devotion , the healing and Compassion .

Its element is the air and is physically linked to the heart, lungs, the circulatory and immune system as well as the liver. He is connected to Shiva and his mantra to wake up is “iam” . Stimulate it with walks in nature, spend time with family and friends, meals and green drinks, stones and green clothing.



Its symbol is a lotus flower of 16 petals of blue color . Its element is the ethér and its energy is related to Sada Shiva . It is located in the throat and is related to the self -expression , the speech and the growth .

"Ham" and is stimulated through song, poetry, collect stamps and art. Significant conversations, blue meals and drinks, clothes and blue gems.



Loto de 2 petals of purple color . It is on the forehead, in the third eye. It is identified with the indigo or indigo , and its function is the extrasensory perception and the intuition . It is associated with the light element , and is related to shambú or sambú .

Physically connects to the nervous system, pineal gland, endocrine system and sinus. The mantra for awakening is "ksham" . It is stimulated by practicing self -appreciation, meditation, indigo food and drinks, gems and indigo clothes.



Your flower is violet white color and is located on the crown or head stop. It is said that among its functions is the transcendence of the consciousness and the connection with divinity , and the element with which it is associated is the space .

It is physically related to the brain, pituitary gland and the energy body. It is associated or connected to the God Parama Shiva . The mantra that is used for awakening is "OM" . It is stimulated with the concentration in dreams, writing about dreams, visions and inventions, meals and violet drinks. Violet clothes and gems.

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