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Venus in Gemini

venus in gemini

The second planet in the solar system is Venus, it is also the second brightest star after the sun and the moon, and its size is very similar to that of the Earth. In astrology Venus is spoken of as the planet of love and beauty and that it is transited by the sign of Mercury.

When Venus transits through Gemini it is an invitation to think and reflect on the concept you have of what happiness means. You start to question if you are really happy with your friends, family, work and everything around you. Venus in the sign of Gemini influences good communication, expressing yourself and verbalizing all that you have to say and that you haven't done for fear.

Gemini natives on Venus become experts in witty conversations, a great tool to attract others and involve them in their plans if they need to. They are great conversationalists of interesting topics and with great knowledge to defend the truth. They tend to be playful and even jokers.

Those with Venus in Gemini

They are people who prefer a more stimulating and risky relationship to a comfortable and secure relationship, they do not like to feel tied to someone so they always seek simple relationships. Although they are very conservative people, when they have to talk about deep issues with their partners, it may not be so easy for them.

They are not people of fixed tastes, so they are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with what they want. If you are thinking of courting a person who is ascendant of Venus is Gemini, it is important that you keep up with their changes in interests, pay close attention to their mind so that you can understand it.

They are naturally flirtatious, due to the influence of the planet Venus in their sign, and they persuade people with the use of fun. Although it is difficult for them to tell the whole truth, they are not dishonest people, they just omit certain things at their convenience.

They have the ability to see all the possible answers to a question, so they will take the one that seems most appropriate to them. They are not usually very sentimental but that does not mean that they do not really want to. They will look for someone with whom they can share their ideas, for a person with Venus in Gemini a good conversation is the best way to flirt.

He has a great sense of curiosity; for everything and everyone, so they like to meet all kinds of people and places, although they will avoid those who have rude behavior or bad manners, since they hope to have a good time.

As a friend, they are very fun people and full of vitality, so they will be at all social events and of course they will be aware of the latest events. His network of friends will always be countless due to his spontaneity.

Their attraction is their intellectuality and the brilliant conversations they can hold, they are also very good-natured and humor is natural to them. If you fall in love with a person who has Venus in Gemini, you must have a lot of knowledge to be able to have a good conversation. In addition to being flexible and spontaneous, you must accept variety as a lifestyle.

Venus in Gemini

When the planet Venus transits through the sign of Gemini, it is time to think and you begin to overanalyze all the affective and emotional dynamics that you are having, which could begin to generate disagreement that ends in sterile discussions.

It may be that the passage of this star can generate disappointment, so it is advisable in this period to keep a cool head and avoid making decisions since they will be influenced by the emotional.

Gemini on Venus for men

In this period, men will begin to feel more attraction to women who are intelligent, their connection will be based more on intellectual than on physical desire. He will seek to establish himself with women with varied and sustained topics to discuss.

If you are interested in a man from Venus in Gemini, you should keep him expectant, entertained and expecting more from you, this will make you particularly attractive to him. Their biggest fear is feeling bored in the company of a woman, so a complex woman will be more exciting for them.

Gemini on Venus for women

Quite the opposite in the case of men, the woman who has Venus in Gemini will look for an intellectual superior. You will have to work hard to be interesting while also being a fun person. When it comes to communicating, be open, tell them everything that is going through your mind at that moment.

Words can put her in an erotic mood, so use them very carefully. Women with Venus in Gemini are often changeable in their sympathy. They are changeable, mysterious and, at the same time, diplomatic and independent.

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