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You are not alone

you are not alone

The archangels protect you in the invisible. You are not alone in this existence from a spiritual point of view. Whatever your current situation and even if you imagine yourself in the most extreme loneliness, this is never the case. There is always an angel watching over you. He will help you as soon as you want and turn to him.

In the first place, there is a point that must be addressed and that is fundamental in the study of the archangels, no human being is alone or isolated even if, apparently, they live in the most extreme solitude.

"Loneliness does not exist"

Physical loneliness, that is, living alone, either by choice or due to circumstances such as divorce, breakup, bereavement, departure of children or parents... does not mean that the people in question have been abandoned.

In fact, above every human being, there is an archangel who watches over us. Sometimes people who live withdrawn from the world in an environment deserted by human beings are less alone than many people who live in society but who live alone or have very little contact with the outside. That doesn't mean we're alone.

you are not alone

Avoid unnecessary agitation

In fact, by making sure they have the whole day busy, some people try to run away from their problems and not be alone with themselves to face their dark side and get rid of your limitations.

Of course, you can also listen to the advice of others and take it into account in your daily life, but nobody better than you to find solutions to your personal concerns and ways to live the life of your dreams. If you can't do it on your own, you will always have an archangel to guide you.

In fact, in our pursuit of happiness, our worst enemy is often ourselves when we refuse to change our ideas or even our behavior when it hurts us. Accepting to change your situation is the first step before starting to work on your personal change.

It is not about judging yourself, but about recognizing that your life is not convenient for you and having the humility to accept the change of what you have to change. Otherwise, you will not get out of your problems or evolve if you do not change the ideas or attitudes that are the root of your unsatisfactory life or your past failures.

Recourse to the angels

Once you've gone through this first step of accepting change by acknowledging your flaws and opening the doors of all possibilities, you just have to choose the most appropriate way to change what you don't like about your life.

At that point, you will never go wrong if you choose to appeal to the archangels for help and assistance on the path of your evolution. If you choose this archangelic form, then you will quickly realize that you do not advance alone. You will soon detect the signals that will be sent to help you in your evolution.

the angels watch over us, you are not alone

Which archangels protect you?

The 7 archangels who are willing to accompany you in your moments of difficulty, who will be with you so that you do not feel alone and will relieve you of the gloom that is plaguing your tranquility.

  • The archangel Miguel: is known as one of the warriors of God, possessor of a sword designed to cut and penetrate all that discordant energy; envy, anger, rage, pain. He will use his sword on you or against those who want to hurt you in your vulnerable state.
  • Rafael is in charge of protecting your mental, physical and spiritual health, especially in those moments when you feel alone. Rafael is asked to understand when he is sick and to find that mental state that frees you from all evil.
  • The archangel Gabriel, the right hand of God, is in charge of announcing the good news, it was that he announced to Mary that Jesus would be fertilized in his womb. He helps all people who work with creativity; students, artists, musicians, painters, poets, etc. He is also known as angel of good news.
  • Uriel is the archangel of money, but he is not capable of changing people's lives. He helps but everyone also has to do their part to work on his goals. He will help you heal the family history of each of your family members.
  • The archangel of love is called Chamuel, and he will invite you to love yourself and accept yourself as you are. He influences the family history of relationships, beliefs about sexuality and pleasure in love.
  • The angel Raziel keeps the great secrets and past mysteries of your family, which means that he can help you clarify situations that have to do with the events of your past families. This archangel helps you discover the truths and overcome history.
  • Yosiel is divine wisdom and intellectuality, it helps you open your mind to the new; the new era, new angels, therapies, meditations, and all those practices that help you establish a connection with your archangel.

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