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The 7 Archangels

the 7 archangels

Did you know that the 7 archangels are the celestial beings closest to God? You can summon them when you need them most, because they will always be of great help to you, even so, it is good to know their specialties and their attributes. That way, you can immediately summon the Archangel in charge of the area where you want changes in your life.

What are the names of the 7 Archangels?

There are 7 Archangels: Metatron, Michael, Jophiel, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Samuel. Each one with its unique characteristics that differentiate it from the others.


Metatron is one of the 7 archangels, very important and close to God, he is considered in Judaism as the Chancellor of Heaven since he is the one who directs and organizes the heavenly realm.

Metatron is not only that, but he was also a man that God called to his side and on whom he conferred the status of archangel due to his outstanding abilities. And there his skills, he is a great scribe who recounts the different events of our existence in the Great Book of Life. 

"It gives us enough clarity of mind to make good decisions, it helps us to know our limits and our deep nature."



Michael is another of the 7 most famous archangels since he is a saint without having been human. He is a heavenly being who has always lived in Heaven and was sanctified by God due to the good deeds he performed on Earth.

Micheal is considered the Archangel Healer or the Great Therapist due to his therapeutic and spiritual healing abilities. He is the patron saint of the sick whom we can invoke to prevent or cure diseases.

"It helps us prevent or cure diseases."



Jophiel is the archangel of aesthetics, of refinement and the symbol of all the wonders of the universe.

Jophiel transmits knowledge and instructs those who call upon him. He is a warrior archangel at the head of fifty-three legions of angels. He is the archangel of wisdom, enlightenment and perseverance in effort. He (or she because he is sometimes represented in female form) encourages the search for beauty in your life in all areas and to make your existence a work of art.

"It helps us improve your lifestyle."



Uriel is an archangel or charge of the Earth and the search for oneself since he helps people find their way.

Uriel helps to clarify the mind and make fairer decisions based on your intuition thanks to this, people who invoke Uriel see beyond appearances, cross the veil of illusions and access the Supreme Truth. His specialty is to transmit divine knowledge and help them materialize the purposes that concern them in this world. He is also the archangel of creativity and inspiration that helps to pursue intellectual goals.

"It helps us put down roots and find your identity."

the 7 archangels


Gabriel is known as the Angel of Revelation as he brings the important messages. We invoke Gabriel to have a clear mind capable of helping us make good decisions in all circumstances, generate good luck and live the life of our dreams.

Gabriel also helps us to have enough self-confidence to change living conditions, improve relationships and communication skills.

"It helps us to have a clear mind and is able to help you make good decisions."



Raphael is the archangel of healing. He helps people who make sincere efforts to improve their experience from a psychic, physical and spiritual point of view.

Raphael does everything possible for us to realize the divine plans in order to experience the joy of God on Earth. He is invoked to heal wounds and illnesses, whether spiritual, psychic, emotional or bodily. He is associated with divine joy, laughter, and good humor to de-drama situations.

"It provides us with health and well-being."



Samuel is a spiritual guide who helps people experience divine love and get as close to it as possible. He is also invoked to facilitate relationships between people, improve communication skills and forgive offenses that have been done to you.

Samuel guides the people who ask him about the path they must follow to carry it out in this existence. Samuel is one of the 7 archangels who facilitates the search for inner peace, the pacification of passions and the elimination of negative emotions.

"It helps us find stability and cleanses us of negative emotions."

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