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7 Tarot Coins

7 Tarot Coins

Meaning of the 7 of Coins in the Tarot

What does the 7 of Coins tarot mean?

We now find ourselves with the 7 of coins tarot. A somewhat balanced and unexpected letter. Failure will not be part of your life; but that does not mean that success will come to you; If not, you will be in an intermediate step.

Perhaps you will achieve the goals you set for yourself; but surely in much longer time than you had planned.

You must be a person careful with all the details. Only in this way will success come to you; but dodging every obstacle thanks to that full dedication. It will be difficult, but it will come in the end.

7 Tarot Coins love

7 of Coins Tarot in Love

On the love plane, the 7 of coins tarot informs you that your relationship problems will have ended. Not only that; These problems have helped each member get to know each other a little better and thus the couple grow on their own.

If you are single; It is possible, and I repeat "it is possible" that your better half finally decides for you. If you had problems with this person in the past; it is time not to be afraid and not to be vindictive or suspicious. You could say that we are in a stage of personal growth.

7 Tarot Coins health

7 of Coins Tarot on Health

In the health section, the 7 of coins tarot tells you that you are in good and regular health. And we say "regular" because it is possible that you suffer certain states of tiredness or fatigue due to the previous efforts made. This sums up that your current health is the harvest of those previously sown.

A feeling of total tranquility and well-being.

7 Tarot Coins money

7 of Coins on Money Tarot

This is a good card when it comes to money. You shouldn't be afraid to invest, risk growing; It is time to give it your all. Like any business, good control of income and expenses will bring good success. However, the fruits will take time to arrive; be patient and keep working.

In this case, planning is essential for success to come. For this reason, we reaffirm in having income well controlled and minimizing expenses.

7 Tarot Coins reversed

7 of Coins Inverted Tarot

Almost all reversed cards do not bring good news; and in this case the 7 of gold tarot is no exception. We find ourselves in a time of fears, fear and doubts; with which decision-making becomes a really difficult task in any field.

Success is taking time to arrive so it is normal for doubts to flood your thoughts; but don't let that stop you; keep working and be more patient.

Check your planning carefully, emphasizing priorities. But we mean the real priorities; and they only find themselves thinking with a cool head.