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3 Tarot Cups

3 tarot cups

Meaning of the 3 of Cups in the Tarot

What does the 3 of Cups Tarot mean?

The 3 of Cups is a celebratory card that is closely associated with happiness and joy that have come to stay in your life. This happiness is easily shared with the people around you.

It is also a card that speaks of celebrating good friendships and family ties. Some of the elements that the card shows (such as the fruits on the ground) refer to the abundance and provision that will not be lacking in your life.

3 tarot cups love

3 of Cups Tarot in Love

Within love, this letter refers to moments of celebration and joy for the couple. If you are thinking about marriage, possibly it will be given to you and they will be days of great happiness. It can also refer to the arrival of a wanted child.

If you find yourself single, this letter talks about two things, one is the return of an ex-partner. Reconciliation will bring happiness to your life, however it must be supported by the other tarot cards. Another meaning has to do with the arrival of a love that will make you see life in a more beautiful way and you will feel that every day will be a party for you.

3 tarot cups health

3 of Cups Tarot on Health

In health, this letter augurs a lot of calm and good times where you want to start exercise sessions, visits with the psychologist, a new diet. Everything about making you look and feel good.

If you are going through an illness, the 3 of Cups tells you that a time of calm and tranquility will come despite it and possibly healing will appear.

3 tarot cups money

3 of Cups Tarot on Money

Regarding money, the 3 of Cups makes you see that it is time to be generous and share your blessings with the people around you and with whom you are happy. A way to reveal how important they are in your life and celebrate the good times.

However prudence has to go hand in hand and you cannot become wasteful. Try to celebrate and share with those you love wisely and don't overflow or try to give more than you really can and should give.

3 tarot cups reversed

3 of Cups Inverted Tarot

The positive meaning of the 3 of Cups changes a bit when presented in an inverted form, since what used to be a celebration , now becomes a bunch of problems due to the intervention of a third person

This appearance of a third person may be seen in your love relationship or in the relationship with a partner who is doing things that will not be of benefit to you.