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6 Tarot Cups

6 tarot cups

Meaning of 6 of Cups in Tarot

What does the 6 of Cups Tarot mean?

The 6 of Cups in the tarot refers to a union that you have with the past due to the good times and those things that could have made you happy.</p >

Many say that remembering the past a lot distracts you from things in the present and this is very true. However, this card means that you can look back at times to remember the good things and have a good smile that brings you closer to a prosperous future.

6 tarot cups love

6 of Cups Tarot in Love

In the area of love, this card refers to the need to strengthen the relationship by remembering the beautiful things that initially brought you together. This is a way of showing that love is between you, you just have to remember it and, based on this, orient yourself towards the future again.

If you find yourself single, the 6 of Cups indicates that you must remember the good things about love, get rid of the memories of bad experiences and leave behind the fear of moving forward in search of a new relationship.

6 tarot cups health

6 of Cups Tarot on Health

In health this letter is quite specific. It is about looking in the past and childhood for the situations that affected your life and that today you recreate in your present. This is more than all psychological work that if not carried out can end in diseases that manifest themselves in the body.

On the other hand, it refers to hereditary diseases, if you are looking for an explanation for today's ailments, possibly everything starts in your ancestors, so a health investigation will be helpful. to your family tree.

6 tarot cups money

6 of Cups Tarot on Money

The 6 of Cups in the tarot speaks of a financial gift from a deceased relative. Some kind of inheritance or legacy. Also, this letter refers to the way in which you can create a business, based on ideas you had in the past and that can work today.

If you are going through a difficult economic situation and you need to borrow money, you can do so by contacting someone from the past, who, according to this letter, will be more willing to offer you support and help you.

6 tarot cups reversed

6 of Cups Inverted Tarot

The reversed 6 of Cups also speaks of the past, but emphasizes a bad way of remembering it. Instead of having it as an option, you have a root that does not allow you to move forward.

You can't get over many things and this hurts you mentally and emotionally, so your relationship with the past is totally unhealthy.