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7 Tarot Cups

7 tarot cups

Meaning of 7 of Cups in Tarot

What does the 7 of Cups Tarot mean?

The 7 of Cups is undoubtedly a mysterious card that relates directly to your unconscious world and the way you communicate with it. On the one hand, you tend to dwell on your thoughts a lot and create ideas and stories that take you from the north of reality.

When self-study is not done, all these things in the unconscious mind create what they consider to be correct and this card lets you know that you have to put your feet on the ground. It also talks about various options you have in your life and the need for wisdom to choose the right one.

7 tarot cups love

7 of Cups Tarot in Love

When this card appears in the area of love, it means that, in your relationship, you are going through the stage of falling in love where everything is usually perfect and wonderful. This stage is very beautiful, however it does not reflect the true personality of the person and this is the alert that the 7 of Cups makes.

If you find yourself single, this card speaks of the fact that you have spent a long time idealizing the perfect partner and filling it with attributes that will really be very difficult to find. The best thing is to become aware of what you have to offer and based on that, create the stereotype of the couple you want.

7 tarot cups health

7 of Cups Tarot on Health

In health, the 7 of Cups refers to 2 important things. The first is that you are in an optimal state of health and yet you create fantasies and illnesses that have nothing to do with you, that is, you are acting in a hypochondriac.

The other point is that you are faced with a disease that you do not want to treat properly, you imagine and fantasize about absurd solutions and you do not allow the true professionals are in charge of prescribing what is indicated for you, this in the end can trigger a serious problem for your health.

7 tarot cups money

7 of Cups Tarot on Money

As for money, the 7 of Cups announces that plans and options will come before you that at first sight look very good for your finances; however, this is not really how it is offered and if you do not think calmly you can get scammed.

7 tarot cups reversed

7 of Cups Inverted Tarot

When the 7 of Cups is inverted it is because you do not like the reality you are living and you are always looking for a way to escape, where your thinking and imagination is the best option.

You are facing a stage of great confusion and the call is not to let yourself be lost by circumstances.