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8 Tarot Cups

8 tarot cups

Meaning of 8 of Cups in Tarot

What does the 8 of Cups Tarot mean?

The 8 of Cups brings to light a dissatisfaction in your life, talks about situations that have disappointed you in your current reality, you do not feel fulfilled or happy and this makes you want to give up every moment. You may have stability, however this stability does not fulfill you.

This card also refers to a desire of your soul to know other things, perhaps even starting a path of spirituality in which you can come to understand what you really want for your life.< /p>

8 tarot cups love

8 of Cups Tarot in Love

When the 8 of Cups appears in the spread of your deck it refers to the desire and decision to leave the relationship you now have, it is a reminder that if you are not full and happy < strong>it's time to put an end to it.

If you find yourself lonely, this card means that you still have time to continue studying yourself in silence since the time to start a relationship is not now. There are many things that do not satisfy you and waiting for the ideal person is not something that hurts you.

8 tarot cups health

8 of Cups Tarot on Health

This card in the area of health indicates that you are experiencing moments of great stress due to the doubts that arise in your head about whether or not to end situations they don't fill you up Not being able to make a decision creates mental exhaustion that, if not limited, can harm your physiological health.

Take some time to meditate, order your thoughts and reduce stress concentration, sleeping is something that will also be wonderful for you.

8 tarot cups money

8 of Cups Tarot on Money

When it comes to money this card is usually positive, because the lack of satisfaction is leading you to look for new ways to obtain money. You will begin to plan and focus on other things that you like and the way to make what you love profitable.

If you feel dissatisfied focus all your energy on creating new projects, you will see that you will get a good idea of everything and you will be able to balance yourself again until the money flows again naturally.</ p>

8 tarot cups reversed

8 of Cups Inverted Tarot

When the 8 of Cups is inverted, it shows a great confusion in your mind. You are at a crossroads that has several options and you don't know which one to take or what to do to facilitate the process of choosing.

To achieve this it is best to become aware that things are not giving the result you expected and therefore you must decide to change.