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King Tarot Cups

king tarot cups

Meaning of the King of Cups in the Tarot

What does the King of Cups Tarot mean?

The king of cups in the tarot refers to a person with authority and discipline who in turn is filled with immense love and compassion for others. When it appears in the spread of your deck it can refer to you and means that you have the ability to dominate your emotions and act guided from love, which will make you a mature person.

On the other hand, this letter can also refer to another person who comes into your life, often an older man who, from his neutral point of view and full of authority, will offer you the best tips for your life.

king tarot cups love

King of Cups in Love Tarot

In the field of love, the King of Cups represents a mature and established couple. It is a very good sign which indicates that they are at a level where problems can be solved from love and in a very wise way. This will give them greater confidence and reaffirm the solid foundations of the relationship.

If you find yourself alone, this card represents the arrival into your life of a mature and loving person who will teach you a different way of loving, full of greater security and well planted in the reality.

king tarot cups health

King of Cups in Health Tarot

When the King of Cups is directed towards health, it means that you enjoy both physical and mental stability. If you are in the process of illness, it means that through an older person you will be able to obtain calm and security and this will help you improve your condition.

king tarot cups money

King of Cups on Money Tarot

In the economic area you have an ease to extend your help to those who are presenting problems around you, you get rid of money easily and without ties, which is positive because in the end it brings abundance to your life.

However, you have to learn not to waste , constantly keep track of your accounts so you know how much to give and when to start saving, thus avoiding a possible bankruptcy.< /p>

You can be confident that having clear accounts of your economy, stability continues to be maintained in your life.

king tarot cups reversed

King of Cups Inverted Tarot

The reversed King of Cups is a rather negative card, it represents a person who gets carried away by their emotions in a bad way, which makes them someone who takes advantage and is unscrupulous.

If the letter refers to you, you have to try to change this attitude so that you can attract good things into your life. If, on the other hand, it represents another person, you must identify it and stay away from it.