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Queen Tarot Cups

queen tarot cups

Meaning of the Queen of Cups in the Marseille Tarot

What does the Queen of Cups Tarot mean?

The queen of cups tarot marseille is possibly the woman with the most intuition in the entire tarot, if there is someone who can match her it is the major arcana of The Priestess. This queen has a pure heart </ strong> and her presence carries care and protection charged with all feminine energy </ strong>. </ P>

It can represent yourself, as well as another person who comes into your life to fill you with wisdom and love. This card appears when you need to remember to connect with your spirit in order to have these attributes that the Queen of Cups has.

queen tarot cups love

Queen of Cups Tarot in Love

When it comes to love, this letter is a very good sign since it reflects the ability of each member of the couple to express their love and receive that of the other person . The sensitivity they possess will allow them to take care of each other and solve all problems wisely and lovingly.

If you find yourself in solitude, this card moves you to relate from love, to bring to light your true personality and let yourself be carried away by intuition that will tell you who is really the right person for you.

queen tarot cups health

Queen of Cups Tarot on Health

In health, this card shows that you are probably suffering from an illness because there are things in your unconscious that you have not yet healed. It is time to start thinking about the emotions that you do not externalize and start treating yourself with love so that your state of consciousness rises and with This leaves the diseases.

Try to surround yourself with wise women and exchange words and thoughts with them, fill yourself with all the feminine energy you can so that then you can awaken yours and begin to heal

queen tarot cups money

Queen of Cups Tarot on Money

As for the economy, the queen of cups indicates that you have an open imagination to solve any problem that arises. If you need help, try to lean on the women around you, they can be family, colleagues or partners. They will play an important role in this area.

Money flows well and this letter leads you to manage it in an orderly and wise manner, apart from filling you with empathy so that you extend your blessing to those who need it.</p >

queen tarot cups reversed

Queen of Cups Inverted Tarot

The inverted queen of cups refers to the fact that you have closed yourself off a lot in terms of feelings and love, this blocks the way you relate to other people and also the difficulty you have to achieve wisdom.