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5 Tarot Swords

5 tarot swords

Meaning of 5 of Swords in Tarot

What does the 5 of Swords Tarot mean?

The 5 of Swords is a card that represents a negative win and can mean several things depending on where you stand. On the one hand it can mean that you find yourself fighting a battle that is not worth fighting nor winning.

On the other hand, it means that perhaps you are facing an imminent defeat that will leave nothing positive in your life. Either of the two interpretations that are most associated with your life ends in the waste of time and energy.

5 tarot swords love

5 of Swords Tarot in Love

Within the couple, the 5 of swords tarot means that problems, discussions and disagreements will appear that will make both spend energy and they will not be able to agree before the problems, so they won't come up with solutions.

If you find yourself lonely, this card speaks of discouragement. It is not time to look for a new love or to think about it because you carry with you the dense energy of a loss and what you get under that feeling will not be fruitful.

5 tarot swords health

5 of Swords on Health Tarot

The 5 of swords in the tarot refers to health situations in which it is not good to think excessively. You are subjected to high concentrations of stress and you need a truce because you are fighting in vain.< /p>

Stay away from what leads you to worry or feel a lot of negative things, you don't need it and it only takes away peace, adding to your conflicts. Try to not stay angry and dissatisfied, speak and say everything you want and need to say.

5 tarot swords money

5 of Swords Money Tarot

When the 5 of spades appears in your deck it is because it is time to save and forget about wasting money on unnecessary things. At the work level, it means that you may have problems with your colleagues, trust is disappointed and you will earn some enemies for the bad results obtained.

You have competition and you must prepare to face it, you can be victorious but because of the problems this victory may not make you as happy as you expect.

5 tarot swords reversed

5 of Swords Inverted Tarot

This inverted card is very favorable because it refers to a high level of consciousness that leads you to know that it is not worth wasting energy and fighting for things that are not worth it. they are worth it.

You begin to act with maturity letting each person take the course they have decided to take and you do not let this affect you, on the contrary it only fills you with freedom and takes a load off your shoulders.< /p>