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9 Tarot Swords

9 tarot swords

Meaning of the 9 of Swords in the Tarot

What does the 9 of Swords Tarot mean?

The 9 of Swords is one of the cards that has the most negative meaning on a mental level. When this card appears in your deck spread it is because you are experiencing a situation of anguish that generates sadness, pain, depression and anxiety.

All these dense emotions come from within, from overthinking things and not allowing yourself to let go of control that you often can't have. This card speaks of what you feel and think creates your reality, so that all the moments of pain experienced are or will be because of the internal emotions that you are handling.

9 tarot swords love

9 of Swords Tarot in Love

The 9 of Swords is one of the cards that makes the most sense in the area of love, this is due to problems in the couple that keep the relationship tense and hanging by a thread. p>

You may be feeling paranoid and full of anxiety because of assumptions or perhaps you have discovered something that you cannot yet say and it is tormenting you. Based on this reality, chaos is very tangible and the recommendation is to pay attention to intuition to really know what is or is not real.

9 tarot swords health

9 of Swords Health Tarot

In the area of health, this card warns to be very careful in the way you treat the dense emotions you are experiencing.

It is possible that you have nightmares at night that wake you up or make you feel bad in the mornings or that you simply lose sleep due to insomnia and take medication for this, so you must be careful not to develop any type of addiction.

Focus your mind on activities that keep you distracted, plan trips, walk in the afternoons, avoid moments of extreme loneliness where you think too much so that you don't burden yourself with excessive sadness.</p >

9 tarot swords money

9 of Swords Money Tarot

In the economy the situation is a little more serious since you will be subjected to situations where money has to dwindle a lot and this will fill you with anguish and despair. You may not find exits even if you look for them and feel that what is done is not enough for anything.

The letter does not talk about time, nor about any immediate solution, so it is a process that can sadly take time and become a bit painful.

9 tarot swords reversed

9 of Swords Inverted Tarot

When the 9 of Swords appears inverted it maintains the same meaning of anguish and experiences of dense emotions; however, it does speak of solutions and the sight of a light in the darkness that will lead you out of the gloomy moments.