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10 Tarot Swords

10 tarot swords

Meaning of 10 of Swords in the Tarot

What does the 10 of Swords Tarot mean?

One of the most feared cards is the 10 of spades. This letter speaks of an evil that is about to happen and brings with it a series of catastrophes that cannot be avoided, on the contrary, they can only be endured.

However, if enough strength is maintained it can be possible to see the positive fruits of the situation in the long term. This means that even if the events generate despair, knowing about them is a passing phase.

10 tarot swords love

10 of Swords Tarot in Love

In the field of love, the 10 of swords tarot augurs relationship problems, a betrayal that may not be love but related to matters of money or work. Tense situations that lead to thinking about a restructuring of the relationship, which can be quite painful.

If the person is single, then this card announces a clash with people around you who show a false reality, do not delude yourself with false love that only aspires to obtain something fleeting from you. p>

10 tarot swords health

10 of Swords on Health Tarot

In this aspect, the 10 of spades can have two meanings depending on the combination of cards with which it is presented. On the one hand it means a serious touch to health, a painful diagnosis or a bad life of anguish and pain.

On the other hand, this letter speaks of extreme physical and mental fatigue that lead you to have moments of serious stress crisis, however it is not associated with pain. This light meaning appears when the card stands alone.

10 tarot swords money

10 of Swords Tarot on Money

The 10 of Swords, referring to money, talks about the chaos unleashed by bad administrations. A great loss of the economy and abundance is coming when this card appears in the Tarot.

The best thing at this point is to avoid unnecessary business or expenses to reduce the damages and losses that will occur. Remember that the upcoming situations of chaos and hard times are inevitable, but if you can try to minimize the things that will perish.

10 tarot swords reversed

10 of Swords Inverted Tarot

When the 10 of swords appears upside down it is because there is a point in your favor in terms of wisdom, logic and reason that lead you to solve problems and tense situations< /strong> in the best way.

This card usually shows a path where the elevation of consciousness is the best result, a process where structures collapse to try to make life better for you.