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Candles to make a wish

candles to make a wish wish

Surely on some occasion, celebrating your birthday, you made a wish while blowing out the candles and hoped that what you wished for with all your might and visualized when you blew out the candles, would magically become reality. Surely you didn't know it but every time you did that you were performing your first ritual with candles to make a wish.

Using candles to make wishes or do rituals to attract anything you want is something very simple but at the same time very powerful and effective. Candlelight petitions is not something new, it comes from ancient times and pagan rituals and was incorporated back into Christian traditions.

The ritual to make wishes with simpler candles consists of visualizing what you want and seeing yourself achieving it, concentrating all your energy. Today we will tell you how this ritual is done and what colors of candles you should use according to what you want.

How should we use candles to make wishes?

The first thing you should know is that this ritual to make wishes with candles, despite being very simple, requires a high level of mental concentration and energy, since It is through what you transmit to the fire that it will act in your favor.

Fire transforms and purifies by burning away bad habits and inspiring your creativity. It allows you to communicate your desire and wishes to the universe through smoke.

Establish the connection

For centuries people have lit candles in order to initiate any ritual, from making a wish, praising a sato or invoking a deity, but for them a connection is always established.

Close your eyes while you light the candle you have chosen and try to come into contact with it, with the fire it gives off and the smoke it emanates. Evoke your spiritual strength and your energy and project what you want to achieve, your most longed-for secrets, while trying to connect with ancestral beings and all the power of the universe.

Although the visualization and the connection you generate with the candle are enough to attract what you want so much, if you choose the right color that suits what you want, its magical associations will help you reinforce the ritual, and therefore guarantee complete success.

Choose the right color

  • Red: Passion, energy, vitality, success
  • Orange: Stimulation, courage, creativity, prosperity
  • Yellow: Change, mental strength, travel
  • Green: Fertility, harmony, calm relationships
  • Light blue: Healing, spiritual harmony, peace
  • Dark blue: Disappearance of obstacles, long-term problem solving
  • Purple: Good luck, fortune, solution of legal issues
  • Rose: Friendship, love, loyalty, romance
  • Black: Absorption of negativity, depression and other dark states

If you don't get the color you want, use a white candle, since white light brings together all the colors.

candles to make a wish
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Choose the day of the week that suits you best

Each day has different attributes. Light your wish candle where it is convenient for you and what you really want.

  • Monday: Day of the Moon. For fertility and healing
  • Tuesday: Mars Day. For courage and strength
  • Wednesday: Mercury Day. For communication, study and travel
  • Thursday: Jupiter Day. For luck and fortune
  • Friday: Venus Day. For personal relationships
  • Saturday: Day of Saturn. To remove obstacles
  • Sunday: Day of the Sun. For health and success

Are you ready for your first candlelight wish?

You already have your desire in mind and you are already visualizing what you want for yourself, you have chosen the ideal color and the precise day to develop your ritual, now what remains is to do it. For them you must follow these steps:

  1. Before you begin, make sure that no one will disturb you while you are doing your visualization.
  2. Choose the exact phrase with which you will make your wish, try to be as explicit and clear as possible to avoid confusion.
  3. Focus your mind on exactly what you want and visualize yourself with it.
  4. Write, say out loud, or think about your intention.
  5. Light your wish candle and sit quietly next to it. Keep thinking about your wish.
  6. As your candle begins to burn down, visualize how the energy of your will is concentrated into the flame.
  7. Release your intention. If you wrote your wish, burn the paper in your candle flame.
  8. Confirm your desire. Think of an incantation similar to the following: “I call upon the Earth to receive my wish. I call the Air to give it speed. My wish will shine like Fire and reach to the depth of the Sea. By my will, this wish has been fulfilled.” Say your incantation out loud or think about it.
  9. Blow out the candle with which you made your wish, using the moistened tips of your fingers. Use the hand you write with.
  10. Do not discuss your wish with anyone until it is fulfilled.

Once the ritual is finished, you will have to wait for your wish to be granted, paying attention to the signs that the universe offers you.

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