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Do you remember my tarot?

remembers me tarot

When you have been with a person with whom you shared feelings, goals, dreams, joys and sadness and for any circumstance in life they decide to separate their ways, many questions begin to plague your mind, among them is Do you remember my tarot?

It is normal for that particular question to resonate so much with you, and more so when you still have feelings for the other person. Despair begins to show its face when you have no way of knowing and answering that question.

The tarot has the answer to find out if he remembers you, with a strip of nine cards he will be able to know what kind of feeling he has towards you, if you are still on his mind, if he still thinks of you , what do you think and why do you think so much or why not.

The major arcana are responsible for this spread of cards, but the Minor Arcana are also used . Both right and inverted. Then 6 special cards will be selected, so that they make sense of the meaning of the question, and know what you think or how does that person feel about me.

Ask the tarot to find out if it remembers you

The tarot is one of the most powerful and accurate consultation tools in the astrological world, it is capable of seeing far beyond what you can do, it glimpses the path and answers your questions necessary so that you can change your present and transform your future. Questions like: is he in love with me?, Think of me? Is he unfaithful? Should I call him? etc. As you will see, these are questions with closed answers, so the best option is a tarot yes or not free reliable.

When you've ended a relationship and there are still feelings for the other person, it's normal to have a lot of doubts. A throw of cards can help to know if he remembers you, if he thinks of you, and what you can do to transform this reality that you live into a new and improved one.

remember my tarot
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Cross Roll

This spread gives you the opportunity to know all his thoughts towards you, good and bad, and for them you must choose 6 cards that you will place in the shape of a cross with the first two in the middle.

The letters should be read from the inside out, so that the answers are as accurate as possible, and there is no doubt if he remembers you or not.

  • The first letter: this first letter reveals the current situation of that person you want to know about, at what point is he in relation to you, his family, his work, that is, you can Know your general mood. Understand the situation he is experiencing today. This will help you understand that person's today.
  • The second letter : here his heart speaks from what he feels for you, from the feelings that he could still have for you and how that could be affecting him. Do you still love yourself? Are you still a special person to him? Is there still a space in his heart for you? All this you will be able to know with the throw of this card.
  • The third card: this is the decisive card that will tell you if he remembers you or not, here he speaks from his head, from his thoughts towards you and in the way he he does. Here you will know what he has in his head and what is not, his present and future thoughts of him and his projections with you.
  • The fourth card : It represents his unconscious, what he does not understand or know but still thinks, without explanation and without reason. His deepest thoughts of him, the ones he can't analyze but are still there.
  • The fifth card: he knows here what he didn't like about you, what irritated him, perhaps the reason for some arguments, what I could have asked you to change but you didn't listen. You could know reasons why he doesn't remember you being that way.
  • The sixth letter: you will find out what he liked about you and what he still likes, the positive things he always saw in you and what he misses most from your company. This letter can answer why he still remembers you, and in what way he does.

The spread of 6 cards is a complete spread that allows you to answer your question, allows you to clarify and know if he is still thinking about you and in what way. You could have the answer you need to insist or to move forward and somehow transform your future. Consult the tarot now to find out if he still remembers you.