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Dream with my cat

dream with my cat

Cats are one of the animals most surrounded by superstition, some say that they are symbols of good fortune, while others point out that they portend bad omens. What is certain is that cats are a symbol of passion and the deepest emotions, so it is interesting to know what it means to dream about my cat.

When a cat appears in your dreams can have various interpretations, it may be related to your economic situation and love, but this will depend on what you dream of and the context in which it develops, even the color of the cat will have a lot to do with it.

¿What does it mean to dream about cats?

In general, dreaming about cats is closely related to money or love, they can mean prosperity, abundance, relationships or a lack of both, depending on the case and the context of your dream.

Cats and money

If you are undertaking a project or are already developing a business, there is no better omen for your fortune than dreaming of a cat as long as it is playing with you, which will bring you success and prosperity.

If in your dream you caress a cat, you may soon receive a significant amount of money. If, on the contrary, the cat is running away from you, he attacks you or you see him die, it means that you may be facing problems at work, you may also be suffering from theft or some scam.

dream with my cat

Cats and love

Cats have been a symbol of seduction since ancient times, so if you dream of one, it may speak to you about your sentimental life. If you caress it, you may feel passion for someone. If you are feeding the cat, and you are not suffering economic problems, it is a sign of infidelity, that you have problems with friends that you cannot get rid of, you will discover betrayals.

The meaning of your dream depending on the cat

As we have told you, dreaming of a cat is closely related to economics and personal relationships, mainly in love. But to really understand what it means, it is important to differentiate, what the cat was doing, what kind of cat it was and even the color.

Little cats

Small cats, babies or newborns may be a symbol of joy and affection. It may be that he is trying to tell you that you are in need of affection, from family friends or even from your partner, this can come when you have gone through a bad time in which you have had to move away from your loved ones and you are needing the affection that they gave you.

Cats by color

When we talk about color, we refer to those cats that are strange tones and some are even bright, for example blue, green or red. These particular animals just want to give you good news and a lot of positivity. You will walk away from all those people who absorb your energy, it is time to get up with more encouragement.

dream with my cat

Gray cats

If you dreamed of a gray cat, it is very likely that you woke up with a feeling of peace and tranquility, since these animals transmit stability, discretion, tranquility and professionalism. This dream indicates that it is very likely that your moment of stability is approaching. that you so long for, or that a good economic stability and position in your work is approaching, that will generate more responsibility and at the same time greater remuneration.

dream with my cat

Black cats

The black cat is known for its influence on witchcraft, magic and the superstition of bad luck and bad omens. In a dream its meaning is totally different from what is believed, it tells you about the unknown, about those areas of your life that you have not yet ventured to explore out of fear or because you do not dare to face certain things. You should take this dream with black cats as it is time for you to put aside your insecurities and fear of criticism.

dream with my cat

White cats

If the cat you dreamed of is white, this symbolizes cleanliness, purity, authenticity, balance, peace, and well-being. Therefore, it is a sign that you have to start living life following these premises of tranquility and purity, that you have to live in a "cleaner" way to achieve that stability that you need so much.

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