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Dreaming of my deceased father

dreaming of my deceased father

Many times dreams are the reflection of what unconsciously hurts us, makes us happy, longs for, desires or sometimes hates, and that is stored in our unconscious and is reflected when we sleep. Dreams always have a meaning and to know it you must try to remember the context and the elements that most caught your attention. Dreaming of my deceased father is what we are going to talk about in this article.

One of the most frequent dreams is when you dream of a relative, often they are rare dreams that do not make any sense, but it is the subconscious that is in charge of recording these episodes and is more aware when you are sound asleep.

The father figure is one of the most recurring characters in this type of dreams, he is an extremely important figure in your life so it is not uncommon for him to appear, the extraordinary thing is that when your father stars in one of your dreams he is inviting you to reflect and it is necessary to know what it means to you.

The father in dreams

The father figure has always meant security and protection, and that is no different in dreams when your father appears in one of them, but it also has a lot to do with discipline and authority and can be defined as that leading figure that It has guided you throughout your life.

When you dream about your father, its meaning acquires a very personal connotation, it is a call to reflect on the things you are doing and many times it is also an alert to pay attention to certain behaviors that are not consistent with who you really are.

Whatever the relationship you have with your father, when you are dreaming about him, this translates into your behavior and how it generates internal conflicts in you. It could be that you are not acting honestly with someone close to you and you are worried about your behavior because deep down you know that this is wrong, and seeing your father in the dream can awaken that feeling of guilt, knowing that you act in a wrong way.

One of the most frequent dreams in which the father figure intervenes is the one in which you hit your father. Contrary to what it may seem, this dream means that you want to get closer to him and strengthen the relationship. But in any case, frequently dreaming about your father indicates that you are not satisfied with yourself.

dreaming of my deceased father

Your dad and work

It is extremely important that when interpreting the meaning of a dream, the development of the context is as clear as possible, knowing what it is based on, the details on which it develops, the reason for the protagonists and the action or role that fulfill each of them within the dream.

Although dreaming about your father can sometimes mean freedom and the need to break conventions, your father can also appear to talk to you about work.

If within your dream your father dies or is deceased, it is very likely that you feel sadness and a bit of anguish, but remember that dreaming of death is not a premonitory, so its meaning is not exact, rather it is a warning about your life. work, and that you are not really taking her on the right path.

If your father has already passed away in real life and you are dreaming about him, you can take this as a protective message, which invites you to pay a little more attention to your work, it is important that you be alert to possible difficulties, but what if in reality you make an effort and dedicate yourself, you will be able to solve them.

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