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Dream with my dog

dream with my dog

One of the most common elements in dreams are usually animals, whether wild or domestic, within the world of dreams or dream interpretations, dogs are associated with the same symbolism that they have in real life; loyalty, friendship, unconditional masters, company and nobility. The interpretation of dreaming about my dog can vary depending on the characteristics.

Your dream of a dog can reveal many aspects of your life and your personality, some moods that you are not able to perceive. In order to interpret what your dream about dogs really means, you must be very attentive to what is happening with the puppy in your dream.

Pay close attention to the behavior of the animal and your reaction to seeing it, this varies in the final interpretation of your dream. Some examples below.

A barking dog

A barking dog in your dream can mean several things. If you hear it far away it's bad news announcements for you. If it is very close and a playful and happy heartbeat means that your social life is very active and joyful. A continuous barking may indicate that your attitude is bothering some people.

A dog attacking you

If you dream that a dog is attacking you, it may mean that you are facing a loss of money or even a friendship. It may also be related to possible betrayals, a premonitory dream that makes you alert to the people around you.

If, in addition to attacking you, this dog comes to bite you, it is time to be attentive and see who you trust. Perhaps the betrayal or the problem is related to the magnitude of the damage that the canine does to you, very alert to this dream.

Newborn dogs

These types of dreams have interesting meanings. A dream with a litter of newborn puppies is announcing that they will undertake new projects and they will make you very excited. If it is a newborn puppy, of the hunting type, it is that you are ready to launch yourself to achieve your objectives and goals.

A street dog

The dog is known as the best man, so in dreams dogs can also interpret friendship. When this animal is one from the street or a stray dog, you may be receiving support or have a new sincere and uninterested friendship.

Wild dogs

This is one of the least frequent dreams, but when it happens to you it is important that you listen to the message it is sending you. They are animals that represent freedom, so it is very possible that lately you feel locked in the routine. Take advantage of this dream and get infected with all that energy that these wild dogs usually have, and thus make you stronger.

A black dog

These animals do not usually have superstitious meanings but they also cause some rejection for appearing more aggressive, and this is not the case. In dreams, these animals usually have a negative meaning, they are warning you that you are having bad luck, a bad moment that causes you discouragement and distrust, bad omens that only change if the dog moves away from you.

Dream of a dead dog

A painful death is when you lose your dog, your most faithful friend, and that doesn't stop being the case even if you're living it in a dream. Although it sounds and is a nightmare to have this dream, it means the opposite. What you should keep in mind is the message that this dream is giving you, which is: you are afraid of being alone.

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