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Interpretation of Freud dreams

Freud dream interpretation

We have once had a dream for that, when talking about sleep, you know what you are and surely you have lived it as a experience that goes far beyond what is told . Dreams are able to get angry, laugh, cry, until you feel in love. But what is Freud's interpretation like.

Sigmund Freud, a well -known psychoanalyst and philosopher , he invested many years of his career in analyzing and understanding the real meaning of The dreams, whose results embodied in a published work called, "the interpretation of dreams" .

This research presented a point between psychology and other sciences, since it states that in each of them there is the subconscious expression . He analyzed and developed everything that can mean the dream, where it comes from and why they originate .

What are dreams according to Freud?

Before entering the world of dreams and knowing how its interpretation is, from Freud's point of view, it is important to know that this philosopher bases this theory on the existence of psychoanalysis; mental processes that go far beyond conscious thought .

In the book the analysis of dreams, Freud states that "dreams are linking from a series of psychic formations (...) their value is more theoretical than practical and can help us explain the genesis of The phobias, neurosis and obsessive ideas (...) Each dream is revealed as a full formation of meaning that can be assigned a precise place in the conscious activity "

This means that dreams are an expression of the entire rib You have not fulfilled in the day, weeks or whatever life.

which means that dreams can be seen as those attempts from the unconscious to satisfy what you have not been able to do . A clear example is when you dream that you are solving a conflict with someone, or that you are fulfilling a goal that they asked, in your opinion, unattainable.

How are dreams interpreted?

Freud's theory of dreams considers that all dreams are interpretable , so everything you dream has, in some way, a message in the subconscious . To interpret a dream that you have had, Freud recommends that analyze each element that appear and what relevance they have in your life .

If you want to interpret your dreams you will need a role where you will write down everything you remember that you dreamed, you should do this barely lift because with the passage of the day that tends to lose in mind.

Next to the content of your dream place what you felt (joy, sadness, anger, satisfaction, etc.). Once I have all these well -specified points you start answering these questions.

  • Who was in the dream?
  • What was I facing?
  • How is the conflict ended?
  • How do I feel after sleep?

Once you have these questions you can go a little further, and look for the meanings of specific dreams, example; dream of water or fire, and thus give a context to your dreams.

Interpretation of Freud dreams

Meanings of dreams, examples

According to Freud's theory, you can know the meaning of these three dreams that are so common in human beings and you have ever had:

dream that you are falling

dream that you are falling from some precipice or some significant height, it is related to delicate situations that can produce some discomfort and a certain vertigo, for example; make an important decision that you still do not dare to take fear.

dream that you are flying

There are those who claim that flying is a meaning of freedom and independence . According to Freud's theory of dreams, flying is related to a possible repressed impulse, that you have independence and freedom, that you are looking to solve but not know how.

dream that they persecute you

Freud points out that being persecuted in a dream generates a feeling of anguish and discomfort to something that you have not yet faced , so going running, which means that you are turning your back To something or someone in sleep. If you have dreamed that they chase you, think about whether there is any type of conflict that you should face.