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Free tarot spread 12 cards

free tarot spread 12 cards

The tarot is an astrological world that shows you things about your future, pointing out the problems that affect your present. Day after day there are many people who consult the stars and decide to give a free 12-card tarot reading.

Whatever your concern, the tarot will always have the answers to everything that worries you, to that uncertain future for which you want immediate answers. The 12-card tarot is one of the most complex readings due to the number of cards that are consulted, but which in turn provides much more information to have much more concise answers.

For its correct interpretation of the 12-card tarot spread, you must have experience and a lot of concentration, since, having several cards on the table in different positions, there are many images and interpretations that intervene while being connected to each other.

Therefore, when doing this type of reading, it is not enough to know the meaning of each of the arcana that are placed, but other factors must be taken into account that will help you interpret them and the interaction that it exists in each sheet that comes out of the maso.

In a free 12-card tarot reading, you have the opportunity to consult different topics, separately. Find out here what they are and why this type of circulation is the best to resolve your uncertainties.

Spread on the tarot of love

How do you know asking about love and what the future holds for you is one of the most common questions when reading cards. Retaining and making a relationship work is usually the main concern and the free 12 card tarot reading will help and guide you on this path.

This consultation, due to its number of letters to consult, will help you improve your relationships and will offer you a clearer view of your feelings, helping you to make more responsible decisions.

In this reading you will be able to clarify all kinds of doubts; fidelity, finding a partner, the stability you want, how compatible you are with that person and the future of that relationship in general.

The reading of 12 tarot cards for love is based on the major arcana due to the clear message that each one of them transmits.

free tarot spread 12 cards

Tarot spread about work

Along with love, asking about work and economic stability is one of the most asked and consulted questions within the 12-card tarot reading.

Because the job market is becoming increasingly unstable, many people feel the need to know what will happen in their future that is related to employment and money.

Faced with this panorama, the 12-card reading tarot is an ideal tool to understand what is happening to you, take advantage of opportunities, anticipate what is coming and make the best decisions to improve your professional career.

Among other inquiries to the letters, people usually want to know if they are going to get a certain job; if they are going to get a raise, a promotion or be fired; if it is convenient to change jobs; and what is the concept that superiors and colleagues in the office have about them.

Family and Friends Tarot Spread

Asking about your family, problems with a friend, health, and emotional well-being are also listed among the most common questions that the tarot can answer, so if this is your topic, be sure to consult a 12-card tarot spread, due to to how complete the answers can be. On the other hand, there are the closed questions that you can use with the yes or no tarot.

Many want to understand the meaning of a dream, others want to know what fate has in store for them, what happens with a specific family member, that distances them from that person using the friend tarot so loved and the 12 card tarot seems to have a proper answer and explanation for everything.

Although it does not provide magical solutions, it usually works as a useful tool to know how to act in certain situations that arise on a daily basis. Everything will depend on the way you focus your energies and the messages from the stars are interpreted.