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Salt water for the evil eye

Salt water for the evil eye

The evil eye has become a popular belief that over time has taken root in cultures around the world. Salt water for the evil eye is usually one of the most effective home remedies, learn about its properties and how to do it. Each culture has its own definition of what the evil eye is, but almost all agree that it is a psychic attack that is carried out with the gaze.

Many people talk about the malice look, which has a lot to do with energies, that although we cannot see them, they exist and we can feel them, they are positive or negative that can affect us and alter our natural state. Energies affect everything in life, that's why they are always present.

But there is no harm that does not have an amulet and a cure that also works with energies, in this case positive.

The evil eye

Energies are everywhere, especially in people, who can be good or bad, depending on the desires and spirit of each one of them. Some can have more or less serious effects on other people.

The evil eye is a negative energy that considerably affects the person who receives it, it really is a curse only that sometimes, the person does not you know you are doing it.

People who do not know that they are doing it is due to little, if not zero, spiritual education, since thought negatively concentrates all energies even though that is not our intention . If someone has given you an evil eye, it is more than obvious that person has been thinking of you, and obviously for a bad negative thought in these cases.

People who can cause the evil eye are usually envious people, those who want what they cannot have and those who are fond of criticism and gossip, that is, of speaking ill of others and which in the end become curses that bring repercussions.

salt water for the evil eye

Causes of the hex

The main reason why you can be affected by the evil eye is the negative thought that another person has had about you and whose negative energy has affected yours.

The sense of possession is one of the most primitive senses that the heart is capable of harboring, and it is also one of the causes in which the curse of the evil eye can affect you in a way considerable, since it is well known that all energy, to be effective, must come from the heart.

It is as if the eyes of that person who harbors so many iniquities, bad desires and feelings, were poisoned darts that can sometimes penetrate your aura and provoke in it the annoying symptoms of the evil eye:

  • Constant colds
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Bad streak
  • Broken Roads

These ailments, or misnamed minor illnesses, are the main symptoms of the curse of the evil eye.

How to get rid of the evil eye? | Effective remedies

Each culture has its own amulets and cures to face the havoc that the evil eye can cause, on many occasions if you do not protect yourself the curse may advance quickly, but salt water for the evil eye is one of the most effective home remedies to stop it.

    1. At night, close to bedtime, fill a bathtub halfway with hot water, as hot as you can handle, and add 1 kilo of coarse salt.
    2. Get into the water and stay like this for twenty minutes and you relax, you'll see that it's very relaxing. The hair will also have to be submerged. The salt and water will do a deep cleansing of your aura, clearing away any negativity that has been sent your way.
    3. When you get out of the bathtub, you should dry both your hair and your body, hands, arms and feet, in the air. Don't use a towel.
    4. The next morning you take a shower normally to remove all the salt and to feel more comfortable. Your energy field will be completely cleansed and restored; so you will feel the difference instantly.

Apart from salt water for the evil eye, the most effective counter is to surround yourself with people of positive energy and thoughts, so that your aura stays clean and nourished by good things. Stay away from negative people or who are complaining all day about everything, in the end that negative energy is transmitted without even your knowledge.

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