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My ex does not speak to me

my ex no I do not Speak

The relationships of couples are usually very lived experiences, passion who decides to finish , and that is where he insists to maintain contact.

frustration is born when you realize that the other person does not want to talk and intentionally ignore . Just at that time they begin to create sensations of vacuum and anger because you fail to understand how that person with whom you maintained a very strong bond and even dreamed with a future together, from one moment to another no longer interests him to speak with you.

What should you do if you are a couple has decided not to talk to you, what will be the true reasons why it keeps total silence.

Why doesn't your ex want to talk to you?

There are many reasons for which, at the end, the other person has decided put a brake on contact with you, especially if he has The other person who has ended the relationship, and this is because he wants maintaining the distance as a consequence of the feelings that may be experiencing lately, and in seeking to stabilize he decided to stay at bay. Other probable reasons can be:

She still has feelings for you

still having feelings for you Not necessarily, a person ends a relationship, means that he stopped feeling love, it may be that he is doing it as a consequence of bad attitudes that the other person is having. It is better to get away before continuing to suffer and probably that has been your thinking, if this happens it is likely to not decide to contact you as a method to stabilize your emotions and thus forget you.

You're just a game

It is not unreasonable to think that your partner can be one of those manipulative people , who only seeks feel admired for you and that your dependence is total . If your ex has these characteristics, it is likely to have ended and this in total silence, waiting to see what things you are able to do just to recover. If this happens the best advice is that you do the same and look for a much healthier and more corresponded relationship.

Want more time

want more time Understanding the causes of a break can be a painful process . Usually, couples who end try to end the other person in a peaceful way, trying to continue maintaining a good relationship.

However, despite ending this friendly, there are times that they need them more time to process the reason by which the relationship has ended. This does not imply that he will ignore you for the rest of life, simply need to understand why they will no longer be together.

She's completely over you

This is one of the most difficult causes to accept, since it is a very hard blow to realize that that person stopped having feelings towards you . This usually affects even more when you still love it and your self -esteem is not quite well.

If this situation disturbs you so much, it is likely that your self -love is based on the fact that they love you so much or not, in this case that your ex -partner loves you so much. These cases are easy to identify because you usually realize it at the time you try to recover your ex -part has overcome.

What should you do if your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore?

In this situation it is very normal that you are experiencing pain and frustration , especially when the efforts to contact that person you still want are continuous. The first thing you should do is understand that when a relationship is ended, it is not done resounding, it is probable that feelings in both parties are left .

It is normal for you to feel pain and frustration, it is recommended let all that feeling of sadness leave your body and stop feeling frustration, that will help you, that if the other person does not want to know More of you, you begin to move forward and leave it behind .

To move forward and know how to handle the situation you can follow the following tips:

  • Determine well in what phase of the break these , if they just finished it is best to keep the distance, for some time to breathe. If on the contrary they have been separated for time and the other person refuses to speak it is likely that he no longer feels the need to maintain contact , so it is better not to look back again.
  • If you have not yet contacted that person, and a prudential time has already spent that person is also waiting for you to spend the step to speak . Now, if this contact attempt has been made but has been ignored, it is possible that one of the previously exposed reasons is due.

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