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Hand reading

hand reading

There is no more certain and mystical card that reveals your future than the palm of your hand, a source of secrets, which although it is a complicated craft, is very accurate with its predictions about you , we are talking of course about palm reading.

This technique of guessing your future according to the lines that are drawn on the palm of your hand is known as palmistry, one of the arts that most generates curiosity, intrigue and at other times can be disconcerting.

A palm reading can allow you to create a psychological profile of your person and even discover relevant events that have happened to you or are about to happen to you. Although, as we said, it is one of the most complex prediction crafts, here you will learn to see some basic and important details that you will be able to predict on your own.

The most essential lines

As old as it is, palmistry is a pseudoscience that involves many years of study and dedication, true practitioners have spent years understanding each of the lines that make up the palm of the hand.

The first thing you should know is that each hand has different information, although several people claim that reading any hand is the same meaning is a theory with little support.

  • In women , the right hand transmits what the person brought at birth, and the left hand what they have accumulated throughout life.
  • In the case of men, it is exactly the opposite: the left hand shows what they brought with them at birth and in the right what they have accumulated in life.

hand reading hands

Now the second thing is to learn to differentiate the essential lines:

  • 1. Heart
  • 2. Head
  • 3. Life
  • 4. luck

Meaning of the lines of the hand

Each of these lines will give you revealing references as to what you are and will be in each of these aspects of your life.

Heart Line

This is one of the lines that can say the most about the person, it reveals both the ability to love and even your emotional stability. Given its complexity, in order to perform a correct reading, several points must be taken into account.

  • A line starting below the index indicates a person who is happy with their love life. Starting below the middle finger can show a selfish person and below the ring finger someone extremely romantic.
  • If your line is straight and curved it means that you are a person who knows how to communicate your feelings, if on the contrary it is straight and short it is an apathetic person in love. If your line is straight and parallel to the head line then you have good control of your emotions.

The line of the head

This, as its name indicates, is an interpretation of what happens in your mind, it talks about your intelligence, your way of learning and ability to analyze and the importance that knowledge has in your life.

As for the shape, a curved headline tells you that you are a creative person while if it is straight you are considered a totally practical person.

A short line means that you give more importance to physique than to knowledge. If yours is an inclined curve then you are creative but apart from that you are an adventurer, always open to new experiences.

A logical and realistic person will have a straight line, it means that he is very meticulous and all his perspective is thought under reason. A well-pronounced curve means that you have clear and very accurate thoughts and a focused opinion about things.

An interrupted line speaks of inconsistent thoughts, instability and hesitation to make decisions and if it is also crossed by Xs it means that you often face crucial situations.

Life Line

It is one of the best known and very easy to identify, because it is a pronounced curve that goes from the thumb to the wrist. It is important that you do not confuse the length with how long your life can be, but rather the reflection of your health, lifestyle and personality.

If it passes very close to the thumb, almost touching it, it means that you may be suffering from chronic fatigue or stress. If it is curved, it is a very energetic person. A long and deep life line means that you are a very vital person, while a short and shallow one means that you are insecure and very manipulable.

If it curves in the shape of a semicircle, you have a lot of enthusiasm for the challenges that life presents, and a lot of strength to face them.


To read the lines of the hand, you must also see the line of luck, although sometimes it may not be present. It is known as the "fate line" and indicates to what degree a person's life is affected by circumstances outside of them.

If it is deep, there is a great disposition for luck or destiny to work in your life. On the other hand, not so much if the line is barely perceptible. Interruptions and changes in direction represent that the person is prone to many changes in life, but if the line of fate begins attached to the line of life, on the other hand, it is self-confident, and not prone to being influenced luckily.

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