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Remedies for the evil eye

remedies for the evil eye

It is not surprising that it is one of the beliefs that has gained more strength in recent years, although it is more inclined towards children, this set of discomforts; vomiting, fevers, stomach upsets, among others, it is said that it is caused voluntarily or involuntarily by another person whose look is heavy, is a bearer of bad omens; For this reason, it is advisable to learn some remedies for the evil eye.

It is evident that in the world there is good and evil and both coexist in a kind of balance. One of the evils is known as the evil eye, whose person who transmits it does so scrupulously, with the intention of causing damage.

There are several symptoms that confirm an evil eye, the main one is the decay of the victim, high fevers, upset stomach, vomiting, which in some cases can cause the death of the victim. person. There are multiple cures, depending on the region, but in general, all of them are effective if they are practiced at the right time.

The evil eye can also be noticed in the unfortunate events, continuously, that happen to the same person. Bad relationships with the family, fights with partners, broken relationships, bad news at work, etc.

Get rid of the evil eye

The evil eye can become a fatal disease if it is not treated in time, there are hundreds of cases that are proof of this. The home remedies to combat it are the most effective and can range from herbal tea to distilled water compresses with traces of cattle urine, all valid depending on the culture and the region.

One of the most common home remedies for the evil eye is herbal teas, the same ones that are used during the stripping and cleaning process. The dry leaves are proof that more exists, so it is recommended to prepare an infusion with the same branches.

remedies for the evil eye
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Lemon juice with iron nails

One of the most used antidotes to counteract the ravages caused by the evil eye is to place lemon juice in a glass, and place several cloves metal, preferably iron. This prepared you will place it in one of the corners of the house so that it consumes the negative energies. The next day you will begin to notice changes in energy and see improvement.

Washes of holy water

As it is well known, the evil eye represents dark energies, bad vibes of evil that take over certain people. One of the best combatants is holy water, blessed in a church by a father or water blessed by supreme entities, which cleanse evil by renewing the negative energies of the home.

It is recommended that the water be sprinkled throughout the house, especially in the corners, there are other people who recommend taking baths and even taking drinks of this water to guarantee complete purification.

Eggs absorb energy

Many believers in this evil claim that the egg is a great home remedy that relieves and scares away the ravages caused by the evil eye. Regardless of the type of curse that is haunting your home, rubbing an egg on the affected person's face helps to counteract the evil power of this belief.

It is said that the egg is capable of absorbing bad energies and reversing the curses caused by this evil that is transmitted through the eyes.

Baths with sea salt

It is no secret that salt is among one of the strongest elements that helps to counteract evils. Whether in a circle of protection or on a cross to ward off, salt acts as protection against any evil.

Baths with sea salt are effective to dislodge the evil eye from your home, make a preparation of warm water with salt, wait for it to be diluted and you will be ready to bathe completely with this preparation. It is recommended to let the water dry on the body and not remove it until the next day.

If you are one of the believers in this type of negative energy, then using these home remedies against the evil eye will surely help you, but what is recommended is to prevent it.

There are many ways to avoid it but that will depend on the culture and the region, since each culture has its beliefs. The most common is to use a coral bracelet with a partridge eye to act as a protective shield against these evils.

The red ribbons are also a great protection, very simple to do but very effective when protecting.

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