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I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me but I have no proof

i feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me but i have no proof

Infidelity is one of the most common causes of separation between couples, due to the irreparable damage it can cause in the relationship. Trust is strong and fragile at the same time, once it is betrayed it is very difficult to repair it again and forgiving becomes a very difficult task.

It is difficult to distinguish when the change in your partner is motivated by infidelity or other problems beyond your control, which is why you must be attentive to all the signs that it can give you to know what is really happening, and get a prompt solution.

A study reveals that 70% of men, at some point, have been unfaithful and the reasons may be various; a monotonous relationship, as a way to avoid problems, revenge, among other reasons. Pay attention to those key signs that will tell you if your partner is unfaithful or not.

How to know if your partner is unfaithful?

Lately you are feeling that things between you and your partner are not going quite well, and you are already beginning to think that there may be a third person interfering in your relationship. Many times infidelity is often confused with other problems that have nothing to do with it, but to know what is happening the behavior is decisive when a betrayal is being committed.

Bad communication

When love is running out between two people, the first thing that begins to disappear is communication. If your partner has stopped answering your calls during the day, is late in answering a message, you notice that he no longer likes to talk about his plans for the future, forgets the important things that belonged to the two of you and begins to be suspicious of his social networks , it is very likely that he is separating you from your life to make room for other opportunities.

Hide things

Although it is true that the mobile is a personal object, just like your laptop, the fact that you can take it to use it for a few seconds can be something very normal. If he begins to notice that he no longer puts his things down and gets very moody when you try to grab him, he may be hiding things from you.

The same happens with bank movements, if it was very common between you to know about each other's movements and suddenly that has changed on your part, it is likely that you are hiding what or who is spending the money on.

Interests have changed

When you are starting a relationship with someone, what makes the difference are the aspects that you come to have in common; they create routines such as going to the movies, eating out one day a week and begin to share the same interests.

For example, they were used to calling each other when they woke up and you notice that this changes overnight, you may begin to suspect that something is happening, they may be busier than usual or they are investing their time in someone else, so that you should begin to be suspicious and look for more evidence of a possible infidelity.

His attitude has completely changed

Behavior and attitude are the key, as far as infidelities are concerned. When one is in love with a person the attitudes are pleasant, attentive, affectionate despite the fact that they can argue due to differences in opinions.

If you suddenly realize that he changes to a bad mood as if he were looking for an excuse not to talk to you, he has stopped being detailed, paying attention to you, even listening to you. It is very sure that he is putting up a barrier and pushing you outwards, hoping that you are the one who makes a radical decision as a consequence of his bad behavior.

Sex life is gone

The sexual life of a couple is one of the most fundamental aspects in any relationship, the flame of passion is usually lit when love is felt and physical attraction is undeniable. When a man begins to make excuses for not being with you alone, he does not function sexually as before, with the same passion and the same desire, you are in a state of critical alarm, because it is very likely that sexual desire has him towards another person.

Always listen to your instincts, if you suspect that his changes and new attitudes are caused by a third party, begin to investigate and deal with the situation. A betrayal hurts but it hurts more when you live with doubt or turning a blind eye to what is really happening.

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