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Is destiny in love?

There is destiny in love

Many times you have heard the phrase, "we were destined to meet ourselves", very common, especially in those couples who love to think that their relationship is marked by the designs of the designs of the destiny , or is it not simply a casual fact, is there fate in love? Let's see.

When you love someone and you feel completely in love, it is normal to leave the common thoughts behind and opt for a more romantic position and enter a completely magical reality; So thinking that there is the in love is quite simple.

Believe that love is marked by destiny and think that the person who is for you, so since they were born, are based on mythological constructions with many seniority. everything has a destiny but the important thing is to be aware of that union marked by love, not to enter a totally magical reality and vision, always is good Keep your feet on the ground .

Destiny is marked by the actions you decide to take Happy.

theories of destiny and love

Theories of fate and love

You are likely to think that is the destiny who decides how and when the paths will be crossed and that ideal person, and that the letters in love are thrown. Thinking in this way is not something negative as long as maintains prudence in the face of this situation .

It is not bad to believe in destiny, the error is made when everything is left in the hands of it , especially in emotional relationships, the power of choice and decision you really have and that affects you your life. Balances the balance; Let yourself be seduced by destiny, but you always choose and decide who is that person you want to love.

theory of synchronicityt

Synchronicity theory

there are those who think that chance does not exist and that it is rather the synchronicity , which at the time was announced by Carl Gustav Jung, a psychiatrist and psychologist, who was based on psychoanalysis But it was a little further.

Jung said that synchronicity was like a connection of the intimate and special type , which arises between individuals and their surroundings. This connection creates and exerts a type of attraction that exerts pressure until coincidental situations originate. A clear example, and has surely happened to you, is to think so much about a word and suddenly you see it in a poster or poster.

This theory states that the coincidence does not exist , but yes, you must be very receptive to the world that surrounds you and that you can feel all the stimuli that are related to you. All this theory reaches a conclusion; People do not know by chance but by the connection you exercise in people, which causes the way in which you predispones give that desired encounter happen.

 Destiny Red Thread Theory

Red thread of fate theory

This red thread theory is one of the most interesting in this magical world. It is based on the traditional belief from East Asia and that is very settled within the Japanese people. The red thread is based on the fact that a person is born is already predestined with that other person who will be his partner, and that union is made through of an invisible red thread .

This implies the idea that there is a vein that goes from the little finger to the heart , and that in turn is tied to that person who is destined to be your affective partner. This link exists and will always exist, the time that lasts will not matter, nor how much it can stretch, the red thread will always unite them and that moment will occur at some point.

When this meeting has occurred, they can never separate. The link is already stronger and that thread is already tension and if you move away you will feel unbearable pain.

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