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Love by destiny

love by destiny

Hasn't it ever happened to you that you meet someone and you feel that they are that ideal person, who was destined for you, as if you felt that it is a love by destiny . It is a unique and incomparable connection that you can spend with friends or with your partner, it is as if knowing that person had been written somewhere.

Surely the answer to this question is yes, because surely you have met, at a given moment, that person with whom the connection cannot be hidden, it is so strong that you feel that you have known them before, since ancient times , as if you had met him in your past life.

It is incredible how that love for destiny ends up in your path despite all the circumstances, and that is that such a strong connection cannot be anything other than the destiny, souls destined to be together, and the most curious thing is that they will always be fair despite what may happen in destiny.

You can't break from fate

Tarot couple by destiny free

Fate sometimes conspires so that two soulmates meet over and over again, and the chemistry never ends, they always feel the same attraction and trust as if time will not pass.

You can never forget him no matter what, even if he encounters obstacles, even if you are with other couples, even if there are many kilometers in between, it will always be your love by destiny. Now how do you know if you got your love by destiny? is in love with me?.

love by destiny

You find it at the least expected moment

Although most of the people we meet do it unexpectedly, when you meet your love by destiny, it is a surprising encounter, at first glance you know that that person has come to stay and occupy a place in your life forever.

Even if they didn't go further at first, if that person is the love of your life, their paths will cross again at any moment, no matter the circumstances, because they will be able to outwit fate and find yourself again.

It's like the Japanese legend of the red thread, which says that two people are linked by an invisible and indestructible red bond that indicates that two people are destined to be together from the moment they meet.

The connection jumps on first glance

The moment your gaze and that person's look meet for the first time, the connection is immediate, you feel it from the depths of your being. It is as if an internal fire was born that tells you that this person you see will mark a before and after in your life.

You are capable of feeling what your love for destiny feels

In your inner being you feel that the person you just saw and with whom you started walking feels the same way as you. Although they do not know each other in depth, they are capable of knowing and feeling what they are feeling or what is happening in the life of the other. They are able to tell if you are sick, if you are in danger, if you are going through painful situations, if you are worried, etc.
And the thing is that their connection is very strong. Isn't this one of the clearest signs of love for destiny?

You've always seen it in your dreams

It doesn't work for you to see them and share with that person day by day and the real world: you make dreams their second home, because that's where they meet again when their bodies no longer meet. they can touch.

Sometimes, these dreams can even be premonitory: they can anticipate the places where they are going to be; or bring back to memory moments that have already lived. All of it with such clarity that it seems real, with such force and such longing that you feel capable of making it real.

You feel like you don't need anything else

Many times, when you see that person who you feel will be your love for destiny, you find yourself full and totally satisfied. So much so that most of the time you feel that you no longer need anything else in life, neither earthly nor spiritual, and you begin to get rid of what you can do without.

But be very careful, as all these signs are not guarantees that your story is a fairy tale. Life takes many turns and it will place you in situations in which you will have to get ahead, and that can serve to test your love.

But always have the strength and courage to get ahead with that person to whom destiny placed you because that's how it should be, and because they were made to meet and always walk hand in hand.