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He's in love with me


When a relationship begins, the desired ending, like a fairy tale, is that the two people end up in love, giving their hearts 100%, looking for a friend, a lover and a partner in total dedication; total confirmation that he is in love with me.

As the relationship progresses, the first question that arises for a woman is Is he in love with me? Is his dedication total like mine? Are we in sync on what we want and where are we going? And many times the answer lies with the naked eye, you just have to know how to interpret some attitudes and behavior that will tell you if he is really in love.

How to know if a man is in love with me?

  1. He wants to be with you
  2. Listen carefully to what you say
  3. Small details make the difference
  4. He brags about you to his friends and won't stop talking about you
  5. He thinks of you for all his plans

Wants to be with you

Although men are not usually very expressive, they will always want to be with that person with whom they are falling in love. He makes an effort to look for you, to call you to invite you to do things and share extra time. A coffee after work, a simple walk home, a day at the movies.

The infatuation is an addiction that makes you do things you didn't do before, even stand up your friends for a trip to the movies, so if he is doing all this for you it is a clear indication that he seeks to deepen and is undoubtedly falling in love with you. If you are interested in your friendships, you can see the publication of the tarot friend .

Listen carefully to what you say

Conversations with friends, family, partners, etc., are usually full of anecdotes, of daily stories with minimal details that an educated person usually listens to and settles with his head, but in the end he doesn't remember anything.

If your partner, in addition to making a sign of approval for you to continue, remembers what you told him about your aunt from abroad, then in reality he is giving importance to what you say, he takes being with you seriously and therefore This makes it easier for him to remember things that happen or what you say when you are together.

he's in love with me

The little details make the difference

As part of this whole process of falling in love, the absolute focus on you will mean that at any moment and without expecting it, anything can trigger the memory of you. For example, receiving a message that says I just remembered you when going through the one you like. Or a voice memo with the song you listened to together in the car, or even the funny things that resemble you.

If in your relationship these details are continuous and those moments of remembrance are activated, you are on the right track and you could easily deduce that he is in love with me.

Shows you off with her friends and won't stop talking about you

In any manifestation of love, affection and interest the fact that your partner brags about you or constantly talks to his friends about you is absolute proof that he is feeling something more than a simple taste.

It is a sign that he wants to include you in his life and in the life he has with his friends, that he knows who he is with and what kind of people he surrounds himself with. If he, apart from showing off how pretty you are, interferes with you in his social circle, then everything looks very good.

Shows off you with her friends and won't stop talking about you

When a man is in love with me, despite the differences, disagreements or bitter situations that are going on he will always think of you when making plans, projecting himself into the future with you.

If that person, despite the time you have, a few months or several years, I'm already talking about home, about how many children will I have, and travel plans together, very likely the answer you are looking for to the question if you are in love with yourself, is yes.

The man in general, despite not being very expressive, when he is in love will always be signs of what he feels, he will always look for a way to show you how important and how present he loves you in his present and future life, Yes you start to notice it you will realize that he is so in love with you.

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