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Negative Tarot Cards

Negative tarot cards

One of the most disappointing aspects is when you are having a fantastic time, be it in love, with a friend, at work, etc.; and suddenly you make one of the card runs and you get one of the several negative Tarot cards that there are, such as the 10 of spades.

You will enter a confusing time since you will not know how to interpret it. All of us who do tarot card readings fear the negative tarot cards.

If you happen to be with a previous reading; Keep in mind that the tarot is predictive and this can give you a panic attack, but don't worry, it will be slightly.

As we always say and very importantly, you have to know how to interpret the cards, make a good reading of them according to the circumstances of the person.

The Death | Negative Tarot Card

negative tarot cards

The tarot cards are a guide rather than an imposition, so you must learn to interpret them correctly . Death is one of the active tarot cards.

We have found on more than one occasion people who deal with the negative cards of the Tarot, shuffling until they draw new cards according to what they expected. This is not recommended at all; there is no way to erase the negativity in our lives; this would lose balance and empty our lives of real meaning.

When we encounter obstacles in our lives, they give us signs to expand and grow, to transform the bad into something good.

Is Death positive or negative in the Tarot?

Although as we have mentioned it is not good to draw the cards several times; if it is good to rethink the meaning that these have, avoiding the initial technical mold. The interpretations are not entirely fixed; They can be taken as ideas to see how some negative interpretations can be transformed into others that are much less frightening.

The most feared negative card is Death. Although this card represents the end of a loop or a loss, at the same time it can also mean a transformation towards a new beginning.

It's best to think of this card as crossing a threshold signifying an end or sometimes giving you the opportunity to start something new.

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