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Tarot how do you feel about me

tarot that feels for my

The falling in love is a stage that is experienced during the first months of the relationship, where couples meet, open up, share new and unique moments for both. Not necessarily at the end of that stage is a fact that love was born. It is a somewhat delicate state, so you can ask the tarot how he feels about me to find answers.

Love is that feeling that is born after falling in love, it is to continue feeling emotion when despite the time you continue to see that person, it is to smile and kiss as if it were the first time they did it together.

Many times, over time, it is very common for doubts to arise, for you to start asking yourself what you really feel for me? Is this love reciprocated? Is what we are experiencing real? And the questions begin as to whether this love is reciprocated.

Free love tarot that feels for me

What you really feel for me

Many times knowing what the other person really feels for you becomes somewhat complicated to decipher, we are not clear about the signs or we do not know the correct paths. One of the main sources of information is the attitudes and actions that person may have towards you, and another clear way is to ask the taro what he really feels about you.

tarot that feels for me

Clear signs, learn to interpret them

It is not a secret that when a person is attracted to another their whole attitude changes completely, a clear interest begins to be noticed and the connection between them is visible. exists.

  • Interest is the first thing you have to sound. If that person shows concern about what you're doing, about how your day is going, who you're dating, and what your plans are for the weekend, then there's obvious interest and concern about you and what you're doing. you do.
  • A person who only seeks to talk about the basics and does not look into your deeper interests is a person who is not very interested, her feelings are not the same as yours and possibly the answer is no to the question; you love Me?. A person who has feelings for you will want to know even your deepest secrets and longings because in one way or another they will seek to be part of them.
  • What person doesn't like to be treated in detail? And this is where you will have a clear signal that her feelings are the same as yours. If a person fills you with details, not only materials, but also opens the car door, remembers important dates, calls you when he knows you are anxious, that person is definitely interested in you.
  • The feelings, to know that they are real, must be expressed and made to be understood. A person who constantly makes you feel in one way or another that they love you or that they love you, is a person who definitely has feelings for you and wants more from you.

Ask the Tarot how it really feels about you

If you can't see the signs clearly or the signs that your partner is giving you are really confusing, then a tarot reading will help you clear the way and really get to know the feelings of that person.

This question has its answer in a spread where only 6 cards will be drawn, with the entire deck, using the major arcana just like minors. If the question about what he feels is closed, use the yes or no tarot.

The arrangement of the will be in the form of a cross; three in the middle, one above the second and the other below. The sixth card is placed vertically on top of the middle card. The letters will begin to read in the following way; the middle two and then the outer ones, starting with the top one going clockwise.

  • The first card will tell you what the current feelings of that person are but in a generalized way.
  • In the second card the arcana will reveal what this person feels in his heart for you, what is that feeling that overwhelms him when he sees you.
  • His thoughts about you is what the third card will reveal to you, what is he thinking about you, does he think of you as you think of him?
  • The fourth card shows you the unconscious thoughts, those things that you cannot control but that in one way or another influence what you are feeling about you.
  • The fifth card will tell you those that he would like to change about you or that does not allow him to give himself completely to the feeling.
  • And lastly, with this sixth letter you will know what he does like about you, what he wants to keep and what are those things that you do and must keep so that person continues to feel the same what you feel.

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