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arcanos mayores

Tarot cards are made up of 78 cards; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, the major arcana are those with the greatest metaphorical meaning and the greatest transcendence. For decades the figures of the major arcana have been a compendium of the social context and spiritual aspects of high importance.

Within the tarot, the cards of the major arcana acquire greater earthly, psychic and spiritual relevance. Most of these cards represent the creation and recreation of the physical and spiritual world. The major arcana try to explain, from a philosophical concept, issues that escape the rational plane.

It can be said that the major arcana reflect a vision of the physical and spiritual that covers from the origins to its end, in this way the tarot is capable of defining a past and predetermining a possible future

el loco

It is the tarot card that speaks of freedom, independent love. It shows you the need to live new experiences. Talk about the awakening of spirituality, creativity and originality. You can announce trips, route of progress. It also refers to transfers, children, spirit that you want to embody. Loyalty, finding good friends and leaving the past behind.

el mago

If you get this letter, it means a new beginning is coming: work, life, partner. Prosperity in business, trade and sales. It is time to meditate on what will be done next. You can also talk about medication, children, enthusiasm.

la sacerdotisa

The wisdom of God that is beyond human creation. It is time to educate yourself: books, studies, documents. Issues to resolve with notaries, laws and social institutions. You might need a social worker. Wait for medical results, internalization, accumulation, keeping secrets, psychologist, teacher, wills.

la emperatriz

Shows expansion and growth. Love that develops internal emphasis. Evidence of unconditional love, maternal love. Fruit. It also talks about fertility. It is time to show love of nature, fields, plants. Projects, visualization, generosity. Offer help to others. Beauty, diet.

el emperador

It represents the father figure and talks about concretizing and materializing, it is important to cultivate the greatness of the spirit. I would also be talking about political aspects. Authority, science. Law and order, stability, abundance, generosity, signing of contracts.

el sumo sacerdote

Letter that talks about sensing things you can't see. Transmit, teach, develop the third eye. Activate the internal senses. Communication between parents and children. The internal teacher, studies, schools, giving advice and receiving it.

los enamorados

Receiving divine help, choice, love, siblings, family reunions, companions, union. Wedding, creativity, art, inspiration. Do what the heart dictates, parties, meetings, energy healing.

el carro

Letter that talks about communication with the public. Teamwork, leadership, daring spirit and winning purpose. Abilities for the audiovisual, theater. announces success, triumph. Overcome fears, lover, travel, foreigner, politician, speaker, vehicles.

la fuerza

willpower, self-control, speaks of diplomacy. Love and sweetness defeat violence. Activate mantras, animal protectors, great sexual activity in balance, martial arts, chi or vital energy. Aggression that becomes courage and vigor.

el ermitaƱo

It is the letter of the messenger, the search for light and truth. Laboratories and research, biology, geriatrics, hearing, prudence, slowness. Companies related to communication, knowing how to keep quiet and wait.

la rueda de la fortuna

Everything comes back and everything repeats itself, what goes up comes down, cycles, everything begins and everything ends. Change of house, what leaves our life will return, transfer, births. Good fortune, prosperity, the variable. We must dominate our life, not let ourselves be influenced, emotional ups and downs.

la justicia

Power, divine justice, Karma, institutions, oppositions, examinations, favorable judgments. It talks about balance, honor, truth, rectitude, and cooperation. Interrelation, lawyers, lawsuits, laws, surgical operations. Contracts, purchase-sale and rental.

el colgado

The card that talks about acceptance capacity in tough situations. Unconditional love, helpful attitude, vocation, mission, wait, stop, stop at work.

la muerte

It talks about doing away with limitations, definitive rupture, transformation, contact with deceased beings. Agriculture, harvest, overcome fear, independence, detachment.

la templanza

Moderation, flexibility, difficult trials that require patience, adaptation. Person you should help, good economy and savings. Good idea but it is not yet time, mediator, negotiator. The holy guardian angel.

el diablo

Instinctive and primitive impulses. Repressed traumas, hidden and secret things. Sexuality, nutrition, spontaneity and creativity. Survival instinct, rules, being tied to a situation or person. Hidden love relationships.

la torre

Transformation, renewal of ideas, hospital, factory. Stability that is broken, fertilization. Change of home or job, separation, liberation from a bondage, prosperity that heaven brings us. New opportunities.

la estrella

It talks about harmony and beauty. Paradisiacal state and hope, love of nature and flower essences. Naturopathy, art, fruitful projects, investments, understanding the signs. Synchronicity, baths, study of the stars.

la luna

Letter that refers to memory. Repressed emotions, clairvoyance, the world of the night, the cosmic mother, the ancestors, our ancestors. Creativity, past lives, reconciliation, release of traumas and complexes.

el sol

Arcane of personal power and the divine source of energy that acts on your matter. Brotherly love, compassion, forgiveness, accepting others, dynamism, sports, children, brothers, joyful games. Construction, expansion, leader who draws masses, abundant work, profit. Summer and vacations.

el juicio

The power of clairvoyance, formation of groups, people with the mission of guiding souls and showing them the path to the light. Prayer, popularity, expanding knowledge, languages, healing. Calls, job interviews.

el mundo

Refers to maximum development and the world of relationships. Your relationship and development with society. Your realization in the world and how to have the world in your hands. Overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal triumph.