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What does it mean to dream about your ex

what does it mean to dream about your ex

Has it ever happened to you that you wake up and realize that you had a dream with your ex-partner? This is usually more normal than you think, and many times, perhaps due to the feeling of nostalgia, you are curious to know what it really means to dream about your ex.

To be honest, when a couple ends a relationship, what is expected is not to think about that other person, much less dream about that person, but this is not something as crazy as you dream.

Many times the subconscious can rule against you and it may be that you find yourself dreaming that you return to that person, that you marry him or even that they already live together.

The relationships in couples tend to be complicated and painful when that relationship comes to an end. But what does it mean to dream of that person? Will you go back to him? Does he still think about you? Does he want to look for you? Or does it show you what you really want to come back to?

Dreaming with your ex, what does it mean?

It is quite common to wake up and realize that you have dreamed about your ex, and more so when that separation is recent since it is that person with whom you have shared and lived several experiences and therefore you keep many memories.

When you recently broke up with your ex and you've dreamed about that person, this is nothing more than a longing of the heart interpreted in the dream, it means that you haven't finished that stage and there are still things to do. resolve.

Also keep in mind that if you have just gone through a separation there is a time of mourning, a time of acceptance where that person is still present in your life, so dream.

I dream that my ex visits me

One of the clearest interpretations of this dream is the good memories, the good experiences you had with your ex-partner, it means that there is still a feeling of appreciation and good memories. This does not necessarily mean that you are longing for your ex to return, but simply that you may be missing the experiences and what they once lived.

Another interpretation is that you are unconsciously showing signs that you need to feel desired by another person and miss what it feels like to be and be adored by someone.

What does it mean to dream about your ex

I dreamed I was back with my ex

Although this is one of the most common dreams, when a relationship has ended, its interpretation does not mean that you want to get back together with that person, it could be that you are about to live a great change in your life. Current Relationship. Unfinished situations that you must face and resolve with your past, be it with your ex or with any other person with whom you created a bond at some point.

In my dreams I kissed my partner

This dream is a little more complex since this could affect your current situation and will depend on your sentimental situation in which you find yourself going through at that moment.

If you are with someone you dreamed that you were kissing your ex, this could be interpreted as if you were missing something, you are missing something that your partner does not give you or cannot fulfill. If, on the other hand, you are single, this would mean that you might feel like getting back with that person, it indicates that there are still feelings, those that you would like to feel again.

Dreaming about your ex can have different meanings but its interpretation will be linked to the context in which the dream has developed and the real situation you are going through. To have a clear interpretation it is necessary to have more data.

Is this a recent separation? Are you going through a new relationship? Are you starting to see someone? Was it a toxic relationship or a beautiful experience? Answering all these questions will help you interpret much better what it really means to dream about your ex.

If you keep dreaming about your ex for a long time and have done the card reading without good result; The best thing is that you go to consult an expert psychologist to help you get out of the problem.

I dreamed that I was jealous of my ex

When this type of dream happens, it means that you have problems or lacks in the current relationship. It may be that there is nostalgia for a gesture, a situation, a thought... in the relationship and that was covered before and now is not. Normally these dreams are usually a cluster of situations that end up being the breakup of the relationship. Take advantage of this type of alert to fix all those deficiencies and thus avoid a greater evil.

Dream about the death of an ex

This type of dream is related to getting over an ex. It means that you are letting go of everything related to your ex partner and that you are ready to start a new relationship.