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How do I know if my ex wants to get back with me Tarot?

how to know if my ex wants to get back with me tarot

If you are going through a breakup with your longtime partner, where affective ties have been strengthened, the first thing that comes to mind when the anger and pride passes is Will my ex come back? And that question begins to haunt with hundreds of hypotheses as an answer or the question what does it mean to dream about your ex?, but how do I know if my ex wants to get back with me tarot?

But really, is there an answer? Cartomancy being one of the best sources of answers for this riddle. A card spread could unravel the mystery of a possible reconciliation or a breakup forever.

The Arcana source of wisdom

One of the main sources of answers that gives us wisdom and clarifies the path of whether your ex will return to you or not, are the arcana. They have the ability to realize things that we would never see, they see signs and signals with light and clarity. From your astrological plane you can realize situations that mortals cannot see.

Furthermore, we must not leave aside the enormous symbolism represented by the major arcana, they represent personality situations and of the person in consultation. It is no coincidence that the card of lovers or lovers is present in a bunch of cards, since they represent the power of love and feelings.

If you want to know how the fire is, the intensity of love and passion and if the attraction still persists, it is best to consult the stars through a reading of cards. There are many ways to query and interpret, but the most accurate is by asking a clear and concise question that can be easily interpreted and answered.

Cardroll will be my ex

Cardroll will be my ex

Know if my ex will come back: card reading

My ex will come back to me free tarot

There are many ways to ask the arcana if my ex will return with the reading of cards, but the best way or the key of all is to ask a clear and concise question. The letters are usually quite clear and concise with respect to the question that is asked. It should be noted that you should do being single, I hope it does not cross your mind when will I get married, because first you have to have a partner again. My ex free tarot will return; As we have already mentioned, the best way is to have your mind totally focused on that closed-ended question, you know, it will be yes or no.

free tarot to know if he loves me
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yes or no roll

Yes or no roll

It is the main question option, my ex will come back to me more concise and precise. It consists of asking closed-order questions, with an answer of whether or not it is to allow you to quickly interpret what the card says. If it is a positive letter the answer is yes, but if on the contrary the letter is negative the answer will be no.

21 cards to know

21 cards to know

Also known as the three-column spread, it is a technique where only 21 cards are taken to consult, three columns are formed with 7 decks each and it begins to be read from left to right. The first row on the left represents the past. The one in the middle will tell you about the present, while the one on the right will presage what your future will hold.

horoscope reading

Horoscope Reading

In this case the answer of; If your ex wants to get back with you, it will be answered through the comparison of the two personalities. The form of the spread is placing the cards in a circle representing a sign and it is where they will begin to ask questions answered by the signs.

There are other variants and other techniques that could answer if your ex wants to get back, but these three are the most used. In this case, the cards, in any of these three techniques, is usually the most effective.

In a card consultation, the activity of the seer or tarot reader is very important and that they are also able to come into contact with the energies of the person who has decided to find out if their ex is coming back or not . All these conditions and play of energies are what will help make the answers clearer.

There is also an infallible way to answer the question, and that is by asking him/herself. Of course, be prepared because the response can be very harsh if they ended badly; or on the contrary very benevolent if they ended up as friends.

Here are some signs that show your ex wants to get back with you

messages or calls continuously

Messages or calls continuously

He will look for any excuse to contact you, for no reason. All this to get your attention and even more to keep the conversation going as long as possible.

You can also receive this when he or she is in a drunken state, using this moment to tell you how much he feels for you.

difficulty meeting other people

Difficulty meeting other people

he will avoid going out with other people for a while, and if he did he will make excuses for himself not to be attracted to the other person. He won't stop thinking about you and will try to make you aware of that appointment, to get your attention.

show that you feel lonely

Show that you are lonely

He will publish on his social networks: phrases, images, videos, sad or melancholy, etc. to the point of hanging places or moments that you have lived together or that reminds him of your relationship.

create new special moments with you

Create new special moments with you

He will seek to create special things or moments. Those moments that they wanted to do together, live new experiences. He will take advantage of them to speak sweetly to you and make those gestures that you liked when you were together. You can use these approaches to show signs of your love such as hugs, looks, etc. To the point of affirming that he still has feelings for you.

remember moments together

Remember times together

In your conversations you will use memories of the relationship and of your best moments. This will make you relive those experiences, keeping them always alive in you. It will also serve to show you that he has made an effort to realize all his mistakes and thus demonstrate his repentance; leading her/him to a better life.

always at your disposal

Always at your disposition

You will notice that he is always there for you, and he will never say no; supporting you in any thing or situation. He will even confess to his friends and your circle of friends how much he misses you and how he really feels about you.



Your ex-partner will use all means to keep learning about you and your day-to-day life, to the point of spying on you. You will see an excess of interest in knowing what you do at all times. Although this can become annoying.

Will I fall in love again?

One of the techniques that are usually used in the Tarot to know if you will fall in love again is the 6 card spread.

This spread consists of 6 cards that the person chooses and the tarot reader places them in the form of a cross and performs a reading guided by the clockwise direction, always starting with the middle two.
The cards have a specific interpretation that will answer any type of question you have regarding the love in your life.

Does my ex have a tarot partner?

There are 3 Tarot cards that talk about the former partner and can answer your question of whether or not she has a new partner.

  • Main Person: If this card shows the denial of the fact that your ex-partner has someone else.
  • Encounter: This card is a possible Maybe, and refers to the fact that although you do not have a partner yet, you are trying with someone else.
  • Relationship: This is the affirmative letter. With it you can be sure that your ex-partner is already with someone else.

Does he still love me tarot?

A good way to find out if your ex still loves you is by using the horoscope reading. It is about placing the cards in a circle each one representing a sign and you will have the possibility to ask each card and they will have the answer that will be interpreted by the tarot reader.

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