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Jack Tarot Swords

jack tarot swords

Meaning of the Page of Swords in Tarot

What does the Page of Swords Tarot mean?

The Page of Swords is a card charged with energy and vitality. If it is used to receive an answer, it will undoubtedly be the same as when you embark on an adventure, because life is one and you have to do what your soul wants to do.

This card is filled with great strength and when it appears in the deck it is because your energy is ready to carry out all the things you have planned.

jack tarot swords love

Knave of Swords Tarot in Love

In love, the Page of Swords speaks of joviality and time as a couple. Try to avoid arguments and misunderstandings because being so full of energy there is also some dose of rebellion that can trigger misunderstandings.

If you find yourself alone, take advantage of the time to meet people, to fill yourself with love, live different experiences and if love were to appear at that time, act following your instinct and not letting yourself be paralyzed.

jack tarot swords health

Knave of Swords Tarot on Health

Your health with this card reveals a state of high movement so you need to try to fill yourself with a bit of calm so as not to cause havoc. Learn to enjoy from the tranquility , recover hours of lost dreams, improve your diet.

All these details will help you to endure the energy you now have and it is good that you can count on more of this vitality so that you can continue living adventures.

jack tarot swords money

Knave of Swords Money Tarot

With money matters you should always be a little delicate and the Page of Swords warns that it is not prudent to believe that you have the solution to everything, even if you feel that if you have it.

Try to be prudent in business, in your new projects, do not stop being positive but it is good to have a bit of malice from time to time to avoid losing. When around colleagues it's good to keep your plans a secret unless they are a major part of it.

jack tarot swords reversed

Knave of Swords Reversed Tarot

When the Page of Swords appears inverted in the deck, it is to warn that you are being too impulsive in day-to-day situations. It is one thing to have energy and vitality and another to cross the limit of being irritable.

Try not to rush and analyze your actions so that you don't suddenly collide with reality and this causes you problems. Don't pretend to know everything and use your knowledge wisely.