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I'll get back with my ex

I'll get back with my ex

Free tarot to know if I'll get back with my ex

The ruptures are usually very painful, it is the breaking of a bond created from love and coexistence with that loved one. When there is a break one of the two feels the need to walk away and start from scratch; But if either one of you still has feelings for the other, which is normal sometimes, whether you want to or not, you'll wonder if I'm getting back together with my ex.

Regardless of the terms and the reasons why a couple has decided to end the relationship, there is always the question and the tendency to question, will I go back to my ex? A question that seems complicated to answer but that is very easy to know if you learn to interpret the signals of the other person.

I will return to my ex Tarot

  1. Evaluate their behavior
  2. Come back for you
  3. He calls you and texts you constantly
  4. Makes comments about you
  5. They talk about their past together

Usually when a relationship was long-lasting, intense and where love was the protagonist, these signs tend to be clearer since no one but you knows how to interpret the gestures of that person with whom you shared so much time.

Evaluate his behavior

It is normal for the other person to show a change in attitude such as ceasing to be courteous to you, or ceasing to have pronounced gestures of affection, but at the same time looking for a way to make contact and have always communication.

This type of contradictory attitudes can confuse you and not know if you will get back with your ex or not. To do this, try this strategy; In a conversation I start, try to hint that you're going to meet someone for coffee, and see if their behavior and attitude changes completely.

These changes in attitude is a sign of their confusion, of not knowing if they really wanted to finish or it was just a misunderstanding that they couldn't solve. If so, then chances are they'll get back together.

Come back to look for you

When the breakup is a fact, one of the two people usually moves away, usually the man, and even more so when there were plans for the future. Once the anger has passed, the feelings are still there and surpass the pride that the other person may feel, and that is when they come back to look for you.

If your ex shows signs of returning, perhaps with a call, constant visits and even sudden departures, it is because your ex wants to return, he has realized the mistake that has been made and wants to make amends. If, on the other hand, the other person walks away completely without being interested in you again, it is because there were really no feelings.

she calls you and writes to you constantly

This is one of the clearest attitudes in which you will quickly know whether or not you will return to your ex. When a couple breaks up, it is impossible for real feelings to end overnight and it is very normal that they may want to talk to you just to find out how you are.

If these calls are constant and are repeated several times a day and he also writes to ask you every detail of what you are doing, it is a clear message that he misses you, that he still thinks of you and that he is interested in coming back with you.

Makes comments about you

One of the behaviors that represent a clear reconciliation with your ex is that he keeps talking about you. When he keeps telling her friends things about you, how you are and what has happened with you, it is that he still feels that they belong to each other.

Although it is not one of the easiest signs to perceive, perhaps a contact with his friends to investigate a little will give you the answer you are looking for so much to the question of whether they will be together again.

They talk about their past together

When a courtship is established it is also the beginning of a friendship, they are friends who share many anecdotes, experiences and adventures, that is why dating an ex is not bad but an act of maturity; although if you have doubts, find out in the tarot friend yes or no.

Here the sign that they would like to continue being more than a friend is when they begin to talk about their relationship, what they lived through, what they shared and begin to remember stories of what they lived through together.

If this happens, it is a clear sign that you want to relive that story, you are willing to recover the good things that you experienced and return to the path you were on. When you are talking, you can touch on some topics and see how he reacts and if he is excited to reminisce with you.

Ending a relationship, especially when you have time and plans for the future, is never easy. There tends to be anger and pride in the first few days. The answers to whether you will get back with your ex can begin to be answered as the days go by when their attitude really tells you what they want and what you meant to the other person.

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