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When am I going to get married tarot?

when am I going to get married tarot

Marriage, as a symbol of love and the basis of an eternal commitment, is one of the greatest acts of love between a couple . But the big question is when am I going to get married tarot?

What woman has not dreamed of getting married? When will the day be that she walks down the aisle? What will she be like and they even wonder who she will be with? Many couples think that marriage is not necessary to strengthen love or unity between them, but the truth is that every woman's dream is to walk down the aisle.

who am I going to marry

Who am I going to marry tarot?

There are many ways to know if you are going to get married, and within the tarot the most common are the yes or no, where you can ask closed questions and the cards will answer you with accurate answers. But what kind of questions will the stars answer us clearly.

I will marry the ideal person

Will I marry the ideal person?

When one is starting a relationship, one begins to experience that stage of falling in love, of closeness to forge ties and empathize with that so special person. As time passes, they begin to visualize themselves with the other person and you begin to wonder if he will be the one with whom I will form ties for a lifetime; a very important step in your life, and many times you are approached with questions before getting married like. Are you in love with me?, but don't worry, because I'm sure you are, these are times when fear invades us from every pore.

This question is very easy to answer through a card spread and closed questions, but sometimes the answer is right in front of us. Seeing and being aware of the signs that our partner gives us is the answer to this question.

He sees himself in a future with you, he projects himself to many years fulfilling goals together, establishing foundations, forming a home. If, on the other hand, it is a person who only shows interest for the moment, only lives from day to day, the answer is clearer.

how to know if I will marry my boyfriend

How to know if I will marry my boyfriend?

Many times, especially in couples who have lived together for a long time, they tend to think that this is the person they will be with for the rest of their lives. Nothing can go wrong anymore if you have been living with the same person for so long, but many times it is not reality. Things can go wrong at any moment, to the point of having thoughts like: my husband doesn't want me.

In this case, intuition is the key, if you perceive that that person has not wanted to take the step and has delayed in making the proposal, it is important that you face. Talk to that person and you will know if their desire to marry is real or if the relationship they have is only temporary.

The best attitude to know if your boyfriend doesn't want to get married is to go to the extreme of cutting off and give him some time so that he realizes what he really wants. You are an important person in his life, but does he love you enough to have a future with you? You have to give it this time and time will tell.

when am I going to get married tarot
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The cards of the good omen

In a strip that is not a closed answer there are cards that can predict your future in terms of marriage and find out when I am going to get married Tarot. You just have to know how to interpret them.

  • The High Priest: Very accurate as the representation of the church, this card is indicative of marriage, vows or promises.
  • The Empress: one of the cards of fertility and love forever, of commitment and total dedication, of an early marriage with that person you love. However it can mean unexpected pregnancy depending on the cards that surround it.
  • 9 of Cups: when this card comes out, you are in luck, the marriage will be with the boy of your dreams, that loved and idealized person. The nuptials will be with the person you want so much, being a very sensual relationship, active sexuality and fully enjoying each other, surrounded by great pleasures and joys.
  • 10 Gold: This is the card of stability and family, so it indicates a marriage based on stability and family. It also indicates a financially stable marriage based on traditional values.
  • 10 cups: indicates family, joy, love and commitment. This is the card of happily ever after, of eternal commitment and total dedication surrounded by happiness.

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