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Think about me Tarot

think about my tarot

One of the most common questions that is asked of the tarot is Is he/she thinking of my tarot? What is he/she thinking of me?, Does he think of me as I think of him? And thus, multiple questions are unleashed that only seek the same answer.

The tarot can answer your question through the interpretation and context given to a card in a spread. Here we will tell you how the tarot can answer if he thinks of you as you think of him.

In addition, this type of reading will not only help you to know how much the person who steals your thoughts thinks about you, but you can also interpret what he thinks about you, what he is feeling for you, what there is in his mind and in his heart, what he dislikes and what he doesn't, and countless circumstances that you want to know.

think of me what the tarot says

Do you think of me? What the tarot says

The tarot online is an oracle that communicates the information you want to know through the interpretation of symbols, images, numbers, letters and colors and responds based on the question you ask as if is in love with me. This answer is the interpretation under the circumstances. For this reason, when a question is asked, it must be formulated in a clear way so that the answer has the same clarity.

If your interest is romantic, tarot reading will be very useful to know how much the other person thinks about you and if her feelings are similar to yours.

The 6 fundamental cards

The tarot cards are made up of decks that represent the major arcana and the minor arcana. Symbolically each one expresses a feeling, a warning and a guide. To know if he thinks about my tarot as much as you do about it, you have to use the entire deck (Minor Arcana and Major Arcana).

The reading of the cards is done face down and can be arranged right or inverted, this to make the interpretation of the arcana more accurate and precise.

Once the complete deck has been shuffled, it is placed on the table, all face down and you can only choose 6 cards, not one more, not one less. They will tell you if that person thinks of you, if he is in tune with your feelings or if he is with someone else.

think about my tarot

Card order is answer order

Each number of each card represents a symbol to be interpreted and its interpretation will only be exact if it is read in sequential order of the way it is placed.

  • The card that was drawn first will be interpreted as the current situation of that person, what is going on, what they are feeling at that moment. It should be interpreted as the circumstances that she is going through now, it is her present.
  • Secondly, the arcana will tell you what is really in that person's heart, what he really feels for you, what is his position regarding the feelings that he could feel for you, is the emotional and visceral part of that person.
  • The third card you have chosen represents her head, which addresses her thinking, her logic and her rationality. What do you think of my tarot, how do you think of you. How does she see you and project herself with you? Does that person really think of you? The interpretation of this arcane will clear your doubts.
  • The fourth card is the deep card, of the most hidden thoughts, what they can think and feel about you without knowing why they are happening or where those feelings come from. What this letter says does not necessarily have to be in tune with what your reason and your heart say, because it goes much further, inexplicable things that a person cannot necessarily understand or master.
  • The fifth thing that the arcana will tell you is what that person dislikes about you, what they seek to change or improve, what could be a problem and, knowing it, look for a possible solution. This can also be interpreted as what the person does not value about you and that could have a little or a lot of repercussions on what he feels or does not feel about you.
  • To end the sixth letter, it will mean everything that person values you, what he likes, what attracts him, what he would really like with you. Those aspects that he really admires and that he would like to know more about you and that can also become a decisive point in the future of both of you.

This card reading will show you what is about to happen and what you really need to do about that person. Knowing if he thinks about my tarot or simply does not see you in the same way that you see him, will help you to trace the path with or without that person, always looking for the best for you.

What do you think of my tarot?

Knowing what another person thinks of us is important and therefore this is one of the most common questionswhen consulting the tarot. One of the spreads that usually best answers this type of doubt is the 6-card spread, with it you will be able to know not only what the other person thinks of you, but also what the other person is emotionally experiencing inside.

It is always important to have clear in your mind the person for whom you are consulting, remember that energy is essential and the cards will be able to focus everything that comes from you.

What does that person think of my tarot?

Try to organize in your mind not only the person but also what you really want to know, without getting carried away by emotions. If you want to know what that person thinks of you, focus on her and on the question and let the tarot cards translate all the information.

You also have to know that even if you want to get directly to the answer, you must first go through a series of steps, which tell a little story of the other person through the letters by then Get to the point where you talk about the influence you have on their life.

You should keep in mind that just as there are positive responses, there are also negative responses that you may not like. If you have a professional tarot reader, you can fully trust the cards, since they do not usually lie.

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