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My husband doesn't want me

my husband doesn't want me want

Do you feel like your partner is distant? Do you no longer do the things you did before? Don't you feel that he has an interest in you? Has his desire for you diminished considerably? How to know if he is in love with me? Lately "my husband doesn't want me" has been on his mind.

There are many reasons or hypotheses that you can think of trying to guess why your husband doesn't want you, and the reality is that any of those reasons is perfectly valid. There are many methods to discover what is really happening, one of them is to consult the tarot cards.

As you know, the arcana are capable of seeing far beyond what your eyes allow, they can interpret signals that you do not see and can feel the energies of the other person, allowing them to give you concise and accurate answers that will help you understand why your husband does not want you. One of the reasons why my husband does not want me, and which are more common in deck consultations are the following:

My husband doesn't love me anymore | Possible reasons

my husband doesn't want me

  1. Infidelity. If your partner does not touch you and does not seek you sexually, one of the strongest reasons is that he is cheating on you with another person. However, for this to be the cause of the situation, this indication must be accompanied by other components. For example, change of habits and prolonged absences without a logical and credible justification. It may happen that the person has not materialized the infidelity, but is in love with a third person and has lost interest in her partner.
  2. Another of the main causes of your partner's lack of desire is routine, monotony. I mean, boredom. Monotony can cause a lot of suffering on a psychological level, routine can kill the passion in a couple if you and your partner do not take the initiative to integrate the surprise factor in love and learn to surprise each other again.
  3. Although it is hard to believe, low self-esteem is a factor in the lack of desire that your partner may feel towards you, but < href="/blog/tarot-what-he-feels-for-me " title="how to know what you feel for me">how to know what you feel for me?, whether on one side or the other; For example, a person who has a physical complex that conditions her own self-concept projects herself as unattractive to others. That is, she projects her own insecurity through body language to think that my husband does not want me.
  4. The stress and modern rhythm of life, marked by constant commitments and the urgency of haste that sets the pace of work and other commitments, which can easily have an effect on the mood of the affected. Stress influences desire, if your partner is going through a situation of these characteristics, he has a problem that affects his whole life, even the one he does with you. Your thoughts are mainly focused on the reason for the concern that affects you or that matter that you want to resolve. Focus all your energy on that goal.
  5. The crisis of a couple and communication problems produces a crisis causes suffering because your partner feels the uncertainty of not knowing how this love story will evolve. Body and mind constantly interact, also in love. In this way, the body can somatize the blockages, the contradictory feelings and the emotional knots of a situation that produces a psychological weight. Just as a couple communicates their love naturally through the power of a caress, on the contrary, those who have an affective distance due to a disagreement may feel that there is a barrier between them that creates distance. And this lack of physical contact is a reflection of that distance.
  6. Your partner may be keeping a secret that they want to tell you but don't know how to do it. This produces a psychological tension and a constant contradiction. For example, perhaps you consider that the relationship between the two of you has ended, but you do not dare to materialize the step of making the decision since you know that it could affect you.
  7. The fear of sexuality although it seems impossible can be a great reason; It is possible that your partner rejects you sexually as a result of a previous negative experience that has caused him frustration; unequivocal thoughts to reach the conclusion that my husband does not want me.

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