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Ask the tarot for a person

ask the tarot for a person

It is very common to ask the tarot about a person, in fact it is one of the most common questions in a spread of tarot, but is it possible to do it? Although there are several currents that must necessarily have the presence of the third person to be able to ask the tarot, the truth is that it is not necessary.

Often they are mothers, girlfriends or wives who usually ask the tarot for another person, perhaps how many children will I have, a husband, a mother, a brother or even a free friend tarot, people with whom an emotional bond has been formed. Therefore the presence of the free tarot is not necessary for another person to consult it.

The tarot only has the limits that you impose on it yourself , the energy with which you consult yourself and the power of concentration that you may have, always being coherent and assertive with what we want it to tell us that other person's tarot.

Use tarot cards to ask for another person with bad intentions is a violation of your privacy and your spaces, so even if you can ask for another person, this will not give the expected results if it is done with bad intentions or practicing interference in the life of third parties. The tarot is a tool that will help you along the way and guide you towards your spiritual peace, so it should be used for personal benefit.

what is needed to ask the tarot for a person

What is needed to ask for another person?

If you have made up your mind and want to ask about the future of that child, about the problems of that friend or about what your partner is thinking, it is extremely important that you be able to clarify what that person it means to you, especially the emotions it can awaken in you. Really think if you want to ask the tarot for a person.

When you ask the tarot for another person, it is necessary that you channel your own energy to that person and you can know important information such as their full name, year of birth, zodiac sign, etc.

If you find it a bit difficult to concentrate and keep your energies focused on that person for whom you consult the tarot, it is advisable to have a photo close to that person, hold them in your hands and focus, staring at them until you find that point where energy and concentration are focused on it. If you have questions for closed answers, use the yes or no tarot.

ask the tarot for a person

What can I or should I ask the tarot?

The tarot is a highly subjective art because it focuses on each person and their energies. There are some people who are more susceptible and others who are more predisposed, unconsciously, to the art of cartomancy.

When you ask the tarot for another person, this will use you to be able to connect with your husband, son or brother, of that relationship that unites you since you will be the driving element; the answers will not be from the perspective of a third party but from your own understanding; both of the reasons for the question and the answers that your spirit intuits. The tarot of the 4 elements can help you a lot in this regard.

how to ask the tarot for a person

How to ask the tarot for a person?

In this aspect it is important that you seek to attract positive energies with your questions about yourself, but especially about third parties, since you would help unbalance the karmic balance against you.

If you want to ask about the love or work of another person, such as that of a son, a daughter or someone important to you, you can do so, but you must bear in mind that during the consultation you will have to concentrate a lot thinking about the person you want to ask your question about.

Affective questions in love or friendship are common, as long as they relate to you and your emotions and energies. If your question seeks to solve a problem with that third party, you can ask the tarot for a person and delve a little deeper into their feelings, the feelings and thoughts of that person.

It is important that you assume responsibility for your actions in daily life and try to ask questions in a positive way, avoiding attracting negative energies. If you ask about your family, ask the type: will I have children? Will my relationship with my relatives or with a relative improve? or how to get along better with my mother-in-law?

If you ask about your partner, ask them to be positive: is he my ideal partner? Do you remember me?, what do you think of you and your relationship right now? Do you need to heal wounds from previous relationships to have a full relationship with you? If you ask about someone's health, you can ask about him in general terms.

What to ask a tarotist?

The success of a Tarot reading lies in knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them. When you want to go to a tarot reader, it is best to have the subject to be dealt with already studied, that is, that you really know what you are going for and what you want to know.

You can ask all you want regarding any area, such as: Family, Friendship, Love, Economy, Work, Health, Present, Past, Future, Travel , Third Parties, etc.

The clearer your questions are and the less ambiguous, you will get better answers from the tarot reader, another really important point is your concentration and availability, remember that your energy must be present to be able to connect with the tarot reader and the Tarot.

Tarot specific questions

Asking specific questions to the tarot is good practice. There may be hundreds of questions to ask; Here are some of the most common.

The questions will depend on the area in which you want to venture, for example, if you want to know about your love life you can ask clear questions like these:

  • Have I met my next partner yet?
  • Will I get married this year?
  • Is the relationship with X person right for me?
  • Is my relationship going to end?
  • My boyfriend is cheating on me?

If instead you want to talk about the labor area, you can ask things like:

  • Will this work be fruitful?
  • Should I quit my job?
  • Is the new job option good for my life?

So also with money issues:

  • Will I have a good economy this year?
  • Will my business be successful?
  • Will more money come to me?

Remember that the more specific the questions, the better. To help the Tarot you can choose questions whose answer is Yes or No. However, there are other readings of the cards that depending on the practice of the tarot reader will be very helpful.

Tarot to ask for someone

The Tarot can also be used to ask about someone, however this needs a little more concentration because it is no longer based only on your energy but on someone else's and the letters have to identify it.

But you don't have to worry; Even if it takes a few more minutes, the tarot reader will have an appropriate and true answer to your question because the Tarot does not miss anything.

I want to ask a tarot question

If you want to ask a question to the Tarot, the appropriate thing is to seek a professional tarot reader . If it is the first time, this may cause you some fear or distrust, but with time you will realize that it is something quite simple, far from the occult or evil, and that it can be very helpful.

What to ask when you are read your cards?

When you allow the cards to be read to you, it is because in your mind you already have a question that you want to clarify or an orientation that you need to listen to. For this reason, it is best that when you go to a tarot reader, be direct and transparent.

This will not only help the tarot reader but the Tarot will give you better answers. Try to be honest with yourself and identify what is still going on in your head, simplify the question and then express it. Naturally, the soul already knows why and why you are in that place.

Tarot of love questions

Love is one of the most common topics in cartomancy consultations, don't be afraid to ask as much as you want, on the contrary, feel free and allow to create a connection Direct with the tarot. You can ask any question, such as:

  • Is the love of my life already in my present?
  • Will I get married this year?
  • Should I stay with my current boyfriend?

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