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as de copas tarot

As is common in all aces, this tarot card means a new beginning. The closing of a cycle that opens the door to another.

2 de copas tarot

The 2 of Cups focuses heavily on relationships and partnerships, regardless of their origin.

3 de copas tarot

The 3 of Cups is a celebratory card that is closely associated with happiness and joy that have come to stay in your life.

4 de copas tarot

The 4 of Cups has a somewhat ambiguous meaning. On the one hand, it talks about an internal path that you have and must start.

5 de copas tarot

This card is usually a bad omen, it brings with it disappointment and sadness due to situations that are related more than anything to the emotional.

6 de oros tarot

The 6 of cups in the tarot refers to a union that you have with the past due to the good times and those things that could have made you happy.

7 de copas tarot

The 7 of Cups is undoubtedly a mysterious card that is directly related to your unconscious world and the way you communicate with it.

8 de copas tarot

The 8 of Cups brings to light a dissatisfaction in your life, talks about situations that have disappointed you in your current reality, you do not feel fulfilled or happy

9 de copas tarot

If there is a positive card in the tarot it is the 9 of cups. When this card appears it is to announce happiness.

10 de copas tarot

The 10 of Cups can be considered one of the best tarot cards, due to the fullness and bliss it offers.

sota de copas tarot

The jack of cups inside the deck refers to that sensitive and subtle side that usually touches everything that is related to art.

caballo de copas tarot

The knight of cups is very different from the other knights of the tarot that are found running or walking with great impetus.

reina de copas tarot

The queen of cups is possibly the woman with the most intuition in the entire tarot, if there is someone who can match her it is the major arcana of The High Priestess.

rey de copas tarot

The king of cups in the tarot refers to a person with authority and discipline who in turn is filled with immense love and compassion strong> for others.